How to Style Your Coffee Table

Coffee Table Styling

When you are creating cohesive and inviting living room décor, coffee table styling needs to be part of your focus.  Coffee tables are functional items, used to store anything you need to have close at hand, but they are also a perfect blank slate on which to let your inner stylist work some magic. Use your living room décor to inform the style of your coffee table, making sure the objects on the table are not in opposition to the overall look of the room. You will also want to be careful not to get so carried away with decorating your coffee table that it ceases to perform the functional duties for which the piece of furniture was designed. Following a few guidelines can ensure that your coffee table has an impactful look without losing any of its functionality.

Understanding the Basics

Coffee table styling should be done using fundamental principles of interior design, including balance, scale, and proportion. Choosing the right tabletop décor accessories and arranging them effectively can create a significant visual impact. One tried and true formula to use is to carefully curate four key factors: varied heights, organic elements, a tray vignette, and personal details. Be careful to consider how your coffee table fits into the surrounding space. If you have an open floor plan, with many rooms contributing to one space, it must be in harmony with all of the various areas.

Selecting a Focal Point

It is important to choose a focal point for the coffee table, whether you prefer a decorative tray, vase, centrepiece, or some other interesting piece of decor. A focal point anchors the overall design, so the choice you make is key in creating a cohesive look in your living room. You may have an object in mind to use for this purpose, or you can use a coffee table tray as your focal point. This is a nice place to introduce an accent colour to your living space.

Layering Accessories

Layering accessories on the coffee table can create depth and visual interest. Books, trays, candles, and decorative objects can all be used to add texture and dimension to the tabletop. Artful coasters are another fun item to include in your coffee table design, because they are both functional and interesting. Being careful to keep it uncluttered, select items of different heights, taking scale into account and making sure none of your pieces exceed a third of the height of the coffee table itself. Play with colour and texture, using items that are visually interesting and complement your overall décor.

Incorporating Greenery

Using greenery in coffee table styling can bring life and freshness to the space. Potted plants, succulents, or fresh flowers, arranged effectively, can make a huge impact on your living room. You may find it helpful to mentally divide your coffee table into four quadrants, placing something organic in one of the quadrants to add colour and a lively look. The balance of a tall slim vase against a chunky pile of coffee table books or a wide, round bowl of moss beside a slender statue can add interest to the overall look.

Adding Personal Touches

You can personalise their coffee table styling when you incorporate meaningful accessories that reflect your personality and interests. Sentimental items, travel souvenirs, a sculpture, a small memory box, or family photos can make the look of your coffee table uniquely yours. Ideally, you would choose non-directional items, which look appealing from any angle.

Creating Balance

Create a sense of balance and harmony in coffee table styling by distributing accessories evenly and varying heights and shapes. While adding your own style to the coffee table makes it an attractive focal point, it is also important to intentionally edit and declutter to avoid overcrowding the tabletop. By the same token, while you do not want to put so many little trinkets on your coffee table that it looks cluttered, you also want to avoid having just one bulky item that gives it a cumbersome feel. Think about shape as well as colour and texture, using a mix of rounded and angular items, and group like items together in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

Practical Considerations

When you are styling your coffee table, be sure to consider its functionality as well as aesthetic appeal. Leave space for drinks and snacks, ensure easy access to remote controls or reading materials, and make sure you are considering the overall practicality of your coffee table. If you use a coffee table tray, make sure it is one that can be moved to another surface when you need to utilise more coffee table space. If your space is limited, you may wish to confine your coffee table décor to the tray, so that the entire tableau can be relocated when you require additional space.

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