Sideboards As a Modern Living Essential



Sideboards, traditionally found in dining rooms for serving food and displaying dishes, have evolved significantly in their design and functionality. These versatile pieces of furniture have become a staple in contemporary homes, offering a combination of storage, aesthetics, and space optimisation. As we move into 2023, the trend of incorporating sideboards into living spaces is becoming even more popular. Fortunately, Carters Furniture offers the gold standard in home furnishings. Our showroom in Kidderminster serves homeowners across Worcestershire and features some of the best sideboards available today. Discover the uses and benefits of modern sideboards, and explore some of our favourite products.

How You Can Use Your Sideboard

Looking for sideboard ideas in 2023 will lead you to far greater options than you might have had a decade ago. Today, sideboards are used for much more than just serving food, and instead, have several uses and functions that make them perfect in any home. Here are a few benefits of adding a sideboard to your space:

  • Added Storage: Space comes at a premium, and it's easy to run out of room for storage. Luckily, most sideboards have drawers and shelving where you can store a variety of items, including books, dishes, cutlery, and children's toys.
  • Design Features: Sideboards are certainly functional, but they can also add style to your space. These furnishings come in a range of designs, colours, and finishes and can act as a focal point.
  • Space Optimisation: If you have a smaller space, you're likely looking for ways to maximise every metre. A sideboard is an excellent way to do just that. These furnishings give you added storage without taking up too much floor space.
  • Organisation: Are you tired of clutter in your home? Sideboards can help to eliminate scattered toys, clothes, and linens. They offer a dedicated place to put items that might otherwise contribute to a cluttered mess.
  • Showcasing Décor: Aside from storage, sideboards can serve as additional surface areas for displaying items. Showcase your family heirlooms, photos, or souvenirs from your last holiday.

Put Modern Sideboards in Any Room

Where do you picture your sideboards? While they traditionally go in the dining room, they can be repurposed for nearly any area you choose. Wooden sideboards from Carters Furniture make the perfect finishing touch in the hallway, lounge, and even home office. Here are our recommendations for placing your sideboards in any room.

sideboard wall


In this often-overlooked space, a well-placed sideboard can provide both practical storage and a stylish statement. In this space, a sideboard can serve as a catch-all station for keys, mail, umbrellas, and other items you want to remember as you head out the door. Try incorporating a mirror above the sideboard and allow it to serve as a last-minute check before leaving the house. Sideboards for the hallway may also have shelves that make the ideal storage space for shoes, hats, and scarves. Most importantly, this furnishing will keep the tight hallway space free of clutter.


Transitioning to the lounge, sideboards assume an entirely different role. They might function as a media console, housing a television and hiding cables. You could use shelves for storing game consoles, video games, and a massive movie collection. Beyond entertainment, a sideboard can act as a display for vases, photographs, artwork, and functional pieces such as lamps. Many homeowners also use lounge sideboards to feature their favourite books or hide away children's toys.


Most sideboards were built with the kitchen and dining area in mind, so if your space could use an additional element, sideboards are always a good idea. Sideboards for the kitchen have numerous functions, from storing wine and glasses to hiding away appliances. Some homeowners treat their sideboard as a mini bar, where they keep their favourite beverages and cocktail-making equipment. While sideboards in the kitchen are nothing new, they can certainly offer you the function you need.

Home Office

Your home office could make the perfect home for your new sideboard as well. This space tends to have many small items and loose papers that can easily go missing without proper storage. Here are a few ways to use your office sideboard:

  • Printer, scanner, and other electronics
  • Charging cables for laptops and tablets
  • Pens and writing utensils
  • Office supplies, like scissors, highlighters, and paperclips
  • Files and documents
  • Blank paper and stationery
  • Plants and décor to make the space more inviting

sideboards hall

Shop Carters Furniture's Selection

What type of sideboard do you have in mind? Regardless of your personal style or the room you're shopping for, Carters Furniture has something for you. Our vast inventory includes a selection of sideboards, and our team would be happy to help you find the best one for your Worcestershire home. Take a look at some of our favourites:


The Indus Rustic Oak Peppercorn Narrow Sideboard boasts the perfect blend of function and style. Crafted from high-quality oak in a rustic finish, this sideboard is durable, charming, and ideal for a modern aesthetic. Its peppercorn finish adds a hint of sophistication and an air of uniqueness to its overall appearance, and its slim profile allows it to fit in compact spaces. Inside, you'll find spacious cupboards and shelves ideal for storing small items.

Bentley Designs

Bentley Designs is one of our top-selling brands for a good reason! Their quality is unmatched, and the brand never compromises on style or function. If you're looking for elegant sideboards in neutral greys, be sure to consider these options:

  • Bergen Grey: This contemporary, modular sideboard boasts flexibility and practicality. The ultra-modern design features tapered legs, geometric drawers, and precise finishes. We recommend this piece for dining rooms, lounges, and home offices.
  • Montreux Grey: If you're looking for something with more drama, opt for the Montreux Grey Sideboard. This product has bespoke handles, intricate oak tops, and soft-closing drawers. This piece is perfect for luxurious bedrooms and stylish living areas.

Clemence Richard Moreno

The Clemence Richard Moreno Sideboard, complete with a wine rack, was made for sophisticated spaces. With high-quality oak as its main material, the sideboard showcases the natural beauty of wood while maintaining durability and structural integrity. The integrated wine rack is a must-have for homeowners, whether you're a wine enthusiast or only have a few bottles. With its smooth finish and timeless design, this sideboard serves as both a valuable storage solution and a boost to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Choosing the Right Design Elements for Your Space

Are you stuck deciding between two excellent sideboards? Luckily, Carters Furniture is here to help. With so many products on the market, it can be challenging to know where to start the selection process. Read our tips on choosing the right sideboard for your space without the stress:

  • Take Measurements: Measure first and measure often! You don't want to choose an incredible furnishing only to find out it won't fit in your space.
  • Know Your Favourite Materials: What kinds of materials catch your eye? Perhaps you love the classic look of wooden sideboards, or maybe you prefer something with a modern flair. Whatever the case for you, it's helpful to know your favourite materials before visiting a showroom.
  • Have a Use in Mind: Have an idea of how you'd like to use your sideboard. Will it serve as a mini bar for the kitchen, or will it act as hallways storage? When you know how you'll use the sideboard, it's easier to choose one that meets your needs.
  • Consult a Design Expert: If you're having trouble deciding on a sideboard, don't hesitate to talk to a design expert at Carters Furniture. We love working with customers to find their ideal home furnishings.

Visit Our Showroom Today

The benefits of sideboards go beyond just storing dishware and serving food to dinner guests. You can use your sideboard in nearly any room of the house! As you search for the perfect furniture, be sure to visit our Kidderminster showroom. The team at Carters Furniture is here to help as you design your dream home. Contact us today.