Storage Footstools in Kidderminster

Footstools—The Unsung Heroes of Modern Living

When you think of home design, what features do you picture? You probably imagine a cosy sofa, sturdy end table, and glowing lights. We tend to forget about the smaller elements, but they can be just as beneficial as the big-picture items. Footstools can be considered one of the unsung heroes of modern living. They do plenty of heavy lifting but aren't often recognised for their contributions to a space. Whether you use it for storage, relaxation, or aesthetic appeal, we have the footstool for you. Learn more about making the most of a footstool in your home.

Discover the Benefits of Footstools

Footstools are often underestimated, yet they offer a wealth of benefits that elevate comfort and enhance health. Known for their simplicity and versatility, these additions to your living or work space can dramatically improve your lifestyle. Through their varied designs and textures, they effortlessly add aesthetic appeal to any room. Here's how you can benefit from placing a stylish footstool in your home:

  • Storage: Many footstools double as extra storage. You can remove the top cushion and use the interior for storing books, seasonal décor, and a host of other items.
  • Seating: Added seating is one of the most obvious benefits of footstools, but it's an outstanding advantage all the same. You'll be able to welcome more guests into your home when you use your footstool as an extra seat.
  • Comfort: Footstools can be just as comfortable as your favourite cosy chair! Many footstools are made with lush fabrics and plush cushions to make you feel as though you're living in luxury.
  • Style: Beyond being functional, storage footstools add style to your space. Choose a piece that melds with your current aesthetic, or pick one that stands out from the rest of your design. When you shop at Carters Furniture, you're sure to find the home furnishing that matches your needs.

Maximise Your Footstool in Any Room

Footstools work in nearly any room you plan to sit, work, or relax. In the lounge, they make the perfect storage units for games, toys, and general clutter. Should you want a footstool for the bedroom, be sure to maximise that space by placing seasonal clothes inside for storage. If you have a home office, consider adding one beneath your desk. You'll love being about to put your feet up during a meeting,

Footstools Can Have Health Benefits, Too!

Clearly, footstools bring lots of benefits if you're looking for comfort and function. But did you know that footstools have health benefits, too? This is what truly makes footstools a hero of modern living. Get the details on these potential health benefits of footstools:

Improved Blood Circulation

If you've ever had swollen feet or legs, you know how uncomfortable and painful the experience can be. Thankfully, footstools can help improve circulation and reduce swelling by elevating your feet. When you elevate your feet, you're allowing your blood to flow more freely, reducing the pressure on your veins and easing tension in your legs.

Back Pain Relief

Another health benefit of using a footstool is back pain reduction. Sitting with a footstool promotes better posture and takes the excess tension off your back. When your feet are elevated, you'll naturally shift your weight forward, slouch less, and avoid the chronic back pain that results from poor posture.

Minimised Leg Swelling

Using a footstool has been shown to minimise leg swelling and relieve many of the symptoms associated with lymphoedema. If you have swelling in your legs from other causes, try propping up on a footstool and see how much it improves drainage and reduces overall swelling.

Reduced Risk of Accidents

Lounges and entry halls, especially in homes with children, tend to be a cluttered nightmare. Even if things are relatively tidy, a single shoe or toy can cause you to trip and fall. But if you have a storage footstool, you can put those items away and ensure a safe space for kids to play and for you to relax. Beyond avoiding accidents, you'll love the comfort of a clutter-free home!

Overall Wellbeing

Some have suggested that using a footstool can contribute to your overall wellbeing. The idea goes that when your feet are up, you naturally relax. This, in turn, decreases stress levels and improves mental health when done consistently. In certain cases, you may see a noticeable difference in depression and anxiety when you start relaxing with a footstool.

Find the Ideal Footstool for Your Space

Need some inspiration when shopping for footstools in Kidderminster? Stop by Carters Furniture's local showroom and explore some of the exciting products we have to offer. It's difficult to pick a favourite from our inventory, but here are a few footstools you shouldn't miss:

Beatrix Holthorpe

The Beatrix Holthorpe Footstool makes a sophisticated and elegant addition to any living space. Crafted to perfection and designed for comfort, this footstool features a robust wooden frame padded with high-density foam, ensuring durability and longevity. Its luxurious fabric upholstery, available in a variety of colours, is soft to the touch and has a timeless look. With a compact design and customisation options, this footstool is an ideal complement to your existing lounge furniture.


The Savannah Legged Ottoman fuses comfort and style while offering additional storage. This exceptional piece is constructed with a sturdy frame and refined legs, promising stability and durability. The ottoman boasts a cloud-soft seat, perfect for relaxing after a long day, and it's covered with premium fabric that amplifies its style and comfort. With this footstool, you'll enjoy all the following features:

  • Bold colours
  • Geometric patterns
  • A choice of feet and leg finishes
  • 10-year structural guarantee
  • 10-year cold cure seat cushion guarantee


If you're looking for function, comfort, and style all in one, choose the Palazzo Storage Footstool. This furnishing has it all, from a sturdy frame to a soft yet resilient cushion. The true selling point for the footstool is the interior storage space—it's convenient, spacious, and minimises clutter with no hassle. You'll enjoy the high-quality fabric, rich colours, and remarkable comfort for years to come.

Lebus Lucy

The Lucy Twister Footstool from Lebus is ideal for homeowners who want something contemporary yet understated. Its robust frame promises durability, and its luxury padded cushion means continual comfort. The footstool comes in four different colour options and features a simple checked pattern that allows for seamless integration into any space. We recommend pairing this classic footstool with:

  • Sheepskin rugs
  • Wooden display cabinets
  • Other silver-accented items
  • Neutral wall colours

Stressless Reno

The Stressless Reno Footstool combines style, comfort, and class. Its superior leather upholstery and sturdy base mean you'll get to enjoy this footstool for years to come. The soft-padded cushion is designed for maximum comfort and pairs well with a modern recliner. This product is also available as a high back with an adjustable head cushion.

Get in Touch With Carters Furniture

Footstools should be more than just an afterthought. Because of their outstanding benefits, especially concerning health, footstools are essential in any home. As you search for the right footstool in Worcestershire, be sure to browse the selection at Carters Furniture. We're proud to carry some of the best products available, and our team would be glad to walk you through our showroom. You'll find top brands and luxurious comfort when you visit us in Kidderminster. Contact us today to learn more about our footstool selection.