Storage Furniture Buying Guide: Making Organised Choices

Choosing Storage Furniture

If you are in the market for storage, there are so many storage furniture options that you may be overwhelmed. Cabinets, shelves, sideboards, and ottomans all fit the bill, and can help you keep your home organised, neat, tidy, and free from clutter. How do you choose the best types of storage furniture for your home? By following this helpful furniture buying guide, you can make the most of your space with stylish, multi-functional storage solutions that will keep your belongings safely stored and well organised so that you can find the things you need when you need them.

Types of Storage Furniture

To begin our storage furniture buying guide, we will take a look at the different options available and how they are used. There is dedicated storage furniture, and then there are multifunctional storage pieces. The options you choose will depend on your storage needs, your available space, and your design aesthetic.

Dedicated Storage Furniture:

  • Sideboards are dedicated storage pieces, traditionally used for cutlery and crockery. In modern homes, though, they are used in more than just the dining room. In addition to storing tableware and glasses in the dining room, a sideboard can work as a cabinet in a hallway or serve as a television stand.
  • Bookshelves are common in just about every home. They work well as multipurpose storage units, perfect for storing not only books but also decorative objects, photographs, media equipment, and more. Bookshelves come in different shapes and sizes, and styles, making them ideal for a variety of spaces, including corners and narrow alcoves.
  • Display cabinets are versatile, and some include integrated lighting. The wonderful thing about display cabinets is that they allow you to showcase whatever pleases you and makes your décor uniquely your own. You can store anything from ornaments and books to glasses and vases, choosing from an array of designs ranging from traditional to ultra-modern.
  • Television and media storage units have evolved over the years. While they used to simply be functional storage for a television set, they are now storage furniture pieces that are well-designed to store a variety of things Available in a wide range of styles and finishes, they can even be made to fit your specific space, even if it is an awkward corner.
  • Wardrobes are the ultimate in dedicated storage. A traditional wardrobe adds character to a bedroom, or you can choose semi-fitted wardrobes designed to give everything its own place. A wardrobe with bi-fold doors or sliders can also save floor space in a small bedroom.
  • Chests of drawers are not just for bedrooms. They can certainly be used to hold your folded clothing, but you can also choose to use chests of drawers to hold papers in your study, hats, and gloves near your entry, or for any other purpose you might find them useful.
  • Bedside cabinets provide extremely useful storage. Made with drawers, cupboards, or both, these versatile pieces of furniture keep everything you need close at hand and can be coordinated with your bedroom furniture.

Multifunctional Storage Furniture:

  • There are different types of storage beds. Divan beds can feature drawers, and ottoman beds allow you to easily lift your mattress and reveal hidden storage.
  • Storage footstools are extremely versatile. Storage ottomans can be used as a coffee table, a footstool, extra seating, and, of course, a place to store whatever you need to keep close at hand.
  • Coffee tables with built-in storage make things you need easily accessible. There are loads of designs for useful coffee tables with ample storage. Coffee tables with shelves or drawers, and even chest coffee tables can help you keep your living space tidy and uncluttered.
  • Sofas with storage are growing increasingly popular. Chaise sofas and corner sofas often feature hidden storage, perfect for tucking away your throws, board games, and other useful items that would otherwise clutter the living room.

Storage Needs Assessment

Before you choose any storage furniture, carefully assess your needs. Different rooms require different types of storage, so taking a room by room approach to picking out storage furniture works well. Think about the purpose of the room, the existing décor, and what you will need to be stored, in order to find the right furniture. Before purchasing a piece of storage furniture, measure its length, width, and height, and then map out the space it will use in your home. Make sure you have enough room, not only for the piece of furniture, but also to walk freely past and around it.

Materials and Durability

Consider the wear and tear your storage furniture will receive in your home; this will inform your choice of materials. Wooden furniture, particularly hardwoods and reclaimed timber, are incredibly sturdy and also easy to maintain. Wood is versatile, too, because it comes in a range of tones and can be painted to match your home’s look. However, there are a wide range of options for storage furniture, so consider your décor aesthetic and your level of use in order to pick the right one.

  • Ceramic and ceramic effect storage pieces have a sleek, modern look. They are also highly durable and easy to maintain and clean.
  • Glass storage furniture is chic and ultra-modern. It is fragile and not suitable for homes with young children and pets, or for storing items you do not with to display.
  • Choosing a high gloss finish will save on maintenance. Most contemporary settings are the perfect place to display high gloss storage furniture, which is eye-catching and attractive.
  • Marble is classically beautiful. Choose storage furniture made with marble for its character and strength.
  • Mirrored storage furniture creates the illusion of extra space. This type of piece is good for brightening up a room by reflecting light.

Size and Scale

It is important that the storage furniture you choose fits comfortably into your space without overwhelming the existing furniture or making the room feel cluttered. Choose storage that is correctly proportionate to your furniture, and measure carefully before buying. Do not forget to take into account the space you will need to open doors or drawers.

Design and Style

Storage furniture comes in a wide variety of design styles, including modern and contemporary, rustic, traditional, antique and vintage, industrial, natural, minimalist, and more. The style you choose depends on your existing décor as well as your personal preferences. Some people choose to maintain a certain style throughout the room, or even the entire house, while others mix and match for a more eclectic look. The important thing is to choose storage furniture that complements the furniture you already have and reflects your personal aesthetic sensibilities.

Functionality and Features

How do you need your storage furniture to function? Identifying what you need to store will help you to determine which features you need, whether adjustable shelves, drawers, or hidden compartments. Consider the size, weight, and shape of what you need to store, so that you can determine whether or not the furniture you are thinking about buying is up to the task.

Organisation Solutions

Before you start shopping for storage furniture, consider decluttering your possessions. This can free up a great deal of space before you even bring in a new storage piece. Once you do choose your storage furniture, make the most of it, optimising your available space through the use of baskets, bins, dividers, and inserts. This will increase your storage furniture’s functionality and help you to keep your items neatly organised. In the living room, storage bins can hold things like magazines and remote controls, or can be assigned to each family member, for quick decluttering. In the kitchen, outfitting your sideboard or storage cabinets with elements like a lazy Susan or small platforms to create additional shelving for plates. In the bedroom, drawer dividers make organising your clothing a simpler process. By defining your spaces, you will be better able to create a space for everything, so that all of your things can be put away neatly. Make the most of the space in your wardrobes and cabinets by adding shelves, hooks, and dividers to make them function more practically and utilise your vertical space within these storage pieces. Look for adaptable pieces, like modular furniture, which can be adapted to offer the best storage for you as your needs change.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Ultimately, your storage furniture is an investment, because you will likely use it for many years to come. Think carefully about how you would like your ideal home to look, and you will be able to choose storage pieces that elevate the look of your space, as well as providing storage solutions that make your life easier. Choosing furniture that will adapt as your storage needs change is important, but it is also just as vital to take care when inspecting the quality and craftsmanship of your storage furniture. While plastic storage may be suitable for a closet, basement, or attic, the storage furniture you choose for your living room, hallways, dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms should be well-made and sturdy. Look to the construction, making sure the furniture is well-built and able to stand up to years of use. Check that the finish is smooth, and the hardware reliable. Look for signs that the furniture you are considering is a superior product; dovetail, mortise and tenon, or doweled joints make for a better piece of furniture than staples, glue, and finishing nails. Check the sturdiness of the shelves, and pull the drawers out, paying attention to whether they are easy to use and smooth gliding.

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