Tips To Transition Your Patio From Summer To Fall

Transforming an Oasis for the New Season

You have enjoyed your outdoor space all summer, treating your patio as an oasis from the world, and the change of season is no reason to abandon your garden in favour of the indoors. Now is the time to transform your patio into a cosy, inviting space where you can enjoy the crisp and colourful fall days ahead. You may be stumped, wondering, “How do I prepare my patio for fall?” Not to worry- Carters Furniture is here to help, with tips to transition your patio from summer to fall so that you can enjoy it well into the colder seasons.

Transition Your Patio Furniture

When the seasons change, it is worth evaluating your patio furniture. Consider rearranging it to freshen the look, and changing a few things to make it more seasonally appropriate. Think about the functionality of the space, and how its function changes as the weather gets cooler. Do you need to move your seating so that it gets more sunlight? You can also add warmth and comfort by switching out lightweight summer cushions for cushions that are cosier and weather resistant. Make the most of limited patio space by choosing furniture that can sit flush against a wall, leaving you plenty of room for a pathway. Utilise space saving storage solutions, like a bench or ottoman that doubles as storage. Of course, to refresh your space for fall, you do not have to do much to your patio furniture. Instead of switching to fall furniture, just change some of the elements of your décor.

Incorporate Fall Decor Elements

One of the easiest things to do to revamp your patio space and get it ready for fall is change the colour scheme and bring in elements of autumn. Seasonal wreaths, pumpkins and lanterns add to the autumn ambience, and switching the colours from summery to more fall-appropriate makes the space feel warmer. What is the best colour scheme for fall? Traditionally, it is a palette that incorporates warm reds, golds, and oranges, akin to changing leaves. In 2023, fall décor colours include muted greens and dusky blues, desaturated jewel tones and creamy off-whites. Texture is important, too, and materials like wood, stone, and dried foliage can bring a feeling of fall to your patio.

Warm Up Your Patio

Crisp fall evenings call for soft lighting and something to bring warmth to the patio. Gathering on the patio, you will enjoy the comfort of a patio heater, and you can find heaters in different styles that run on gas, propane, or electricity. However, for a more inviting heat source that makes you and your guests feel cosy as you enjoy spending time together, go for a fire feature. Adding an outdoor fire pit, fire table, or even fireplace is a fun way to make your patio warm and inviting. A freestanding fire pit is an easy upgrade for your patio, or you can have a fire pit built into your existing hardscaping. A fire table provides tabletop space as well as a soft glow, making it perfect for entertaining. An outdoor fireplace is the ultimate fire feature, and you can choose a wood burning or gas fireplace. The only caveat is that you must be careful to use a fire feature safely. Make sure there are no overhanging branches to make it a hazard, and choose a style you are comfortable operating safely in your space.

Light Up the Autumn Nights

How will you light your patio in the evenings? One option is tabletop lighting. Especially if you are not comfortable using a fire pit or patio heater, a tabletop heater can provide a soft glow and some warmth as well. Candles can add to the ambience while also repelling insects, and lanterns give a warm glow to your outdoor dining or seating area. There are traditional, candle lit lanterns, but you can also choose battery or solar powered options. String lights are another way to light up your patio, and they can instantly elevate its look. Simple and elegant, they bring light to your patio without making it overly bright. Consider the location of your outlets, or use lights that are solar or battery powered. You can string them from various structures, like a fence or a pergola, or you can hang them from posts, either installed in the ground or in planters.

Cosy Textiles

Of course, you can also add warmth and comfort to your patio by incorporating fall textiles. Start with a cosy rug, in neutral earth tones of warm fall colours. You can even layer rugs, giving the patio a unique look at has depth and rich texture. If you will be placing the rug under a table, choose a size that will allow all the chairs to remain on the rug, even when they’re pulled out from the table. If it will be under a sofa and chairs, the front legs of each piece of furniture should fit on the rug. Look for a rug that is sturdy enough for outdoor use, made of durable synthetic materials or natural options like jute and bamboo, rather than cotton or wool. Once you have chosen your rug, bring in throw pillows and throws or blankets to enhance the space. Layering textiles makes a patio cosy, and while you probably brought them inside during the summer months, you will appreciate them as the days and nights become cooler. Outdoor blankets and pillows should be durable, waterproof, and resistant to mould, mildew, and fading. Choose fall-themed textiles, or simple, neutral designs in warm fall colours. A storage ottoman or bench is a great place to store your blankets and pillows when you are not using the patio, so that you can protect them and keep them clean. If you use a tablecloth on your outdoor table, change it for the season when you switch your other textiles, choosing a new tablecloth that fits with your chosen fall palette.

Fall-Friendly Plants

As you clear away the fading summer plants, replace them with fall plants and flowers in your patio containers and garden beds. Chrysanthemums, asters, dahlias, pansies, stonecrop, and other flowering plants can handle the cooler temperatures, and will make a beautiful addition to your patio. You can also add interesting accents to your planters, like gourds or pumpkins in different sizes and colours, pine cones, or even decorative sticks to add visual appeal and vary the height of your garden elements. If you are creating a container garden, vary what you plant, combining vertical plants, horizontal plants, and plants that spill over the edges, to make it aesthetically appealing.  Check on your fall garden weekly, so that you can tend to any diseased plants or deadhead spent flowers.

Entertaining and Dining

How will you entertain this fall? Once you have your beautiful patio set up, you will no doubt be eager to invite guests to enjoy it. Maybe you will use your firepit to roast marshmallows, or you might place a grill grate over it for open fire grilling. If you really want to host some memorable parties, though, consider an outdoor pizza oven. You can have one installed in your garden, or choose a tabletop model, for the perfect autumn party. Be sure you have enough seating for everyone, and feel free to get creative with it, bringing in some plush and comfortable floor cushions or tossing a blanket over a bale of hay to provide extra seating when you have more guests than chairs. A cosy, intimate patio space is the perfect place to entertain all year, and once you have upgraded for fall, you will find plenty of occasions to use it.

Fall Décor at Carters Furniture

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