Which Bed is Best: A Super King or Two Singles?


The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

Research continues to emerge documenting the crucial significance of quality sleep. That is why it is so important to choose a bed that offers you the comfort and support you need to sleep peacefully and soundly. A problem can arise, though, when you share your bed. Whether you sleep with a partner who tends to spread out, or your bed inevitably fills with children and pets during the night, your thoughts are likely to turn to the idea of a larger bed. A king sized bed is grand, but is it big enough? A super king bed can be the height of luxury but can also come with a premium price tag. What about two single beds? Could you connect two single beds to create a super king size bed?

Two Single Beds vs Super King

Look in any bed guide, and you will see that a single size mattress is 90 cm wide, and a super king size mattress is 180 cm wide, so two singles side by side are equal to the width of one super king. The length, however, is different. A super king is 200 cm long, or 6 feet by 6 inches, while a single bed is only 190 cm long, or 6 feet by 3 inches. The obvious advantage of a super king, then, would be increased length, important for tall people. What are the other benefits of a super king size beds? First, a super king bed is a stylish option, giving your bedroom a luxurious, elegant look. Single beds are more focused on practicality, while super kings are all about a regal flair. Additionally, many super king beds are designed to provide additional storage in your bedroom. Understanding that buying a super king is a huge commitment in terms of floor space, those who manufacture these beds put a great deal of thought into incorporating storage and other features. Of course, if your super king has underbed drawers that pull out on the sides, you will need to take that into consideration when measuring your room. Establish how far the drawers pull out and determine if you have enough floor space to accommodate them.

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Benefits of Two Single Beds Together

As mentioned earlier, two single beds can save money over purchasing a super king bed, especially if you already own one or both of the single beds. It is not always less expensive, but depending on the type of single bed you choose, in comparison with the available super kings, it could be much cheaper. That is not the only benefit of choosing to buy two single beds and link them together, though. If you are planning on moving any time soon, or even if you are just concerned with the logistics of getting a super king into your bedroom, you will find that two singles are much easier to navigate into a room. Then, too, single beds work well for sleeping partners who have different preferences in terms of mattress firmness. Being able to choose two different types of mattresses for the two different sides of the bed is a wonderful way to promote domestic harmony.

Space and Bedroom Layout

Whether you choose a super king sized bed or two singles joined together, your bed will require a great deal of space. The bare minimum you will need to comfortably fit a super king into a room is about 3 by 3.5 metres, or 9.5 by 11.5 feet. Considering that you will also want other furniture, you will realistically need more space than that. Move up to 12 feet by 12 feet room, and you will have space for a wall of wardrobes, assuming the wardrobes have sliding doors and do not need to open out into the room. Of course, with two single beds together, you gain an extra 3 inches of floor space at the foot of the bed, so that is something to consider when determining how to optimise your bedroom space.

Couples' Sleep Needs

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When two people share a bed, it can get tricky. Maybe someone snores, and someone is a light sleeper. Maybe one half of the couple likes a firm mattress, and the other half enjoys sinking into a comfortable cloud to sleep. It could be that temperature control is a problem, with one partner preferring a warm, snug bed, while the other is a hot sleeper who kicks off the covers. These issues can be resolved by sleeping in separate beds, but sleeping in a super king sized bed allows room to solve some of these differences. In a super king, the snorer can use enough pillows to reach a non-snoring position, and the cold sleeper can pile on extra blankets on his or her side of the bed. Putting together two singles, though, solves even more of these problems. With two single beds, the cosy sleeper can have a nest as soft as a cloud, and the sleeper who prefers a firmer bed can have a mattress with as much support as he or she desires. Having two single beds together also makes for less motion transference, which means a restless sleeper is much less likely to disturb a sleeping partner by tossing and turning.

Flexibility and Versatility

The other benefit of two single beds is that they can be pushed together and separated as needed. This provides flexibility, for instance, for entertaining overnight guests. It also allows the beds to be separated if sleeping preferences should change, and the partners decide separate beds would be a more comfortable option. Then, too, if the decision is made to switch to a smaller bed, perhaps a double, the two single beds can be used in a child’s room or a guest room. It is easy to attach two single beds to each other. One method of accomplishing this is to buy zip and link beds, which literally zip together. When you want to separate them, whether to flip the mattresses, place them on separate frames, or move them to another location, all you need to do is simply unzip them. Zipping the mattresses together solves another problem with putting two single beds together by keeping them from separating while you sleep. You can also link up bed frames, using a set of bed link bars. To connect single beds in this way, you just need to drill holes and screw in some simple components. On the other hand, two single mattresses can be placed on a super king platform bed, but there will be extra space at the top or bottom of the mattresses, since single mattresses are shorter than a super king.

Maintenance and Bedding

When you have a super king mattress, it is easy to purchase bedding for your bed. You simply choose super king sized bedding sets, mattress protectors, duvets, and so on. If you choose to have two singles together, you will either need to buy custom bedding or make super king bedding work. This will mean tucking in extra fabric, since the bedding will be larger than the beds from top to bottom. You could, of course, put two single sheet sets on the beds, then top with a super king duvet or bedding set. Whichever configuration you choose, keep your mattress or mattresses free from dead skin cells, sweat, and bacteria by using a mattress protector. Again, if you are using two singles, you can choose a custom mattress protector, two single mattress protectors, or a super king mattress protector, adjusted as necessary to fit on your mattresses.

Beds for Every Bedroom

Ultimately, the choice between a super king mattress and two single sized mattresses together is up to you, based on your preferences and space constraints. If you need advice or are ready to shop, head to Carters Furniture, where for over 47 years our family run business has provided not only a vast selection of furniture but also professional service and highly trained staff. Our stores are open 7 days a week, and our associates are happy to provide you with advice and information to help you choose the right furniture for your home. Even when our doors are shut, we provide customer service through online chat and an email system monitored 24/7 for urgent enquiries. Our selection of beds, at our beautiful showroom at Carters Bed City, is unsurpassed. At Carters, we have close business relationships with suppliers, allowing us to source furniture from around the world as well as locally manufactured pieces. From smaller local suppliers to big name brands, the prices at Carters cannot be beaten; our low price guarantee states that we will match or beat any competitors’ price on identical pieces. Shop with us online, or visit our two large showrooms, where large free car parks and customer friendly lifts make shopping convenient. For more information, call Carters furniture store at 05162 540862, Carters Bed City at 01562 66396, or contact us through our website.