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      Alstons Furniture at Carters Furniture

      As one of the largest family-owned manufacturers in the UK, Alstons produces high-quality British-made furniture that serves as a timeless addition to any home while preserving the integrity of the environment through their environmentally sound practices. Their design and development teams take great care to create a wide selection of sofa ranges, offering luxury at an affordable price.

      150 Years of Furniture Trade Heritage

      In 1860, brothers Ambrose and William Alston branched out of their family's weaving trade and began a small furniture company that is now the renowned Alstons furniture brand. The original location was opened on North Street in Sudbury and run by the two master-cabinet experts.

      Due to their high-quality product, word of their craftsmanship was quickly spread, propelling the Alstons to success, which enabled them to relocate to the high-volume shops of Sudbury’s Old Market Place. In their new location, the brothers had a storefront with a workshop, granting them further access to expanding their business.

      The Transition of Alstons Furniture

      After years of success, Leslie Alston decided to advance the family business in 1950 by adding an upholstery manufacturing business to the shop. The upholstery business remained true to family tradition and continued the advancement of the brand, leading them to move several times to accommodate their skyrocketing demand and securing their reputation as a major producer of well-engineered British upholstery.

      Over a Century of Quality With the Alstons Brothers

      By 1980, Alstons had several satellite factories along with its Colchester location, which was now under the leadership of the fifth generation of Alston brothers, John and David. Backed by over a century of success and a renowned reputation, Alstons furniture has remained true to their core values of quality British-made furniture and continues to excel in the furniture industry. 

      The Design of Alstons

      Alstons furniture encompasses a thoughtful design, combining classic elegance with innovative and current trends. Alstons’ designers pull their inspiration from exhibitions, textile mills, galleries, and many other places to curate their modern designs with a British twist.

      A Focus on Energy Efficiency and Recycling

      The brilliant minds behind Alstons’ beautiful furniture designs put a keen emphasis on reducing waste by recycling the cardboard and plastics acquired during their supply and delivery of raw materials and the wood leftover from their wood mill. Furthermore, they pay close attention to their CO2 emissions, curating new ways to become greener at every given opportunity.

      By prioritizing energy efficiency and recycling, Alstons enables you to make greener decisions and feel good physically and mentally while enjoying your luxurious Alstons furniture.

      A Philosophy Built on Quality

      Alstons believes in quality, so much so that their philosophy is quite literally that quality comes first. Their manufacturing practices incorporate leading strategies using superior-quality materials to craft made-to-order sofas at their Colchester facility. Furthermore, the craftsmen at Alstons are masters in their industry backed by extensive experience, combining a thorough knowledge of the trade with unrivaled expertise.

      Furniture Built for Quality

      The Alstons family business was built on their core values of excellent quality, British-made products and a commitment to impeccable service that separates them from their competition. From 1860 until today, Alstons remains true to their core values, making them a reputable brand of superior quality furniture for an affordable price.

      Carefully Selected Fabrics for Undeniable Quality

      Alstons engineers their products with premier fabrics. They believe that high-end fabrics make all the difference when achieving a valuable, beautiful, and functional piece. Using raw materials, Alstons ensures their fabrics are durable, combating wear and tear while also offering style and versatility that enhances any home.

      Alstons boasts 350 interchangeable fabrics that accommodate any unique look. From simple cotton weaves to elegant velvet and rich colours to earthy neutrals, Alstons has a fabric to satisfy the distinct style of your home, whether you’re in search of a minimalistic elegance or a multi-coloured, bold addition.

      Exceeding British Standards

      As one of the leaders in the furniture industry, Alstons' commitment to excellence includes flame-resistant and resilient fabric and manufacturing to ensure you have a quality sofa for years to come. Alstons works alongside UKAS to guarantee that their fabrics surpass the British standards of wear, colourfastness, and performance.

      Alstons Sofa Range 

      From glamourous statement sofas to eco-friendly timeless classics that seamlessly enhance the look and feel of your home, Alstons has a sofa for everyone. Their expansive selection of quality sofas includes a range of high-performing collections, such as:

      • Artemis
      • Fairmont
      • Fleming
      • Memphis
      • Lowry
      • Lancaster
      • Savannah
      • Palazzo
      • Cleveland
      • Oceana

      Alstons Sofa Beds

      If a multi-functional sofa is in your home design plans, Alstons has a wide range of sofa beds to satisfy your specific needs. From contemporary designs to compact, classic builds, Alstons sofa beds incorporate modern design with optimal functionality, so you don’t have to compromise on style when selecting a sofa bed. Their collections include:

      • Ella
      • Poppy
      • Reuben
      • Lancaster
      • Memphis

      Practical and Stylish Ottomans

      In addition to a fabulous new sofa or sofa bed, Alstons also has a line of exceptional ottomans to accompany your new addition, enhancing the comfort and practicality of your home. Their ottomans can be used as added storage, space fillers, and seating while boosting the aesthetic appeal of any room.

      Comfortable Additions

      While lounging on the couch, there is no better feeling than kicking your feet up on a plush footstool. Alstons can match your stylish new sofa to a luxurious footstool that boasts style and performance. Browse from traditional footstools or enhance your storage capabilities with an opening footstool to hold blankets or other items.

      Choose Alstons Furniture at Carters Furniture

      Whether you’re looking to boost the aesthetic value of your living room, the comfort of your home, or both, Carters Furniture’s expansive selection of high-quality Alstons furniture is sure to please. Browse our inventory of bold colours and rich patterns or our selection of warm and welcoming neutrals to create a living room that looks straight out of a catalogue.