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A comfortable, stylish armchair can add to the ambience and elegance of a sitting room or lounge. It offers extra seating, allows you the space to relax in comfort, and can complement a loveseat, 2.5 seater sofa, or 3 seater sofa. At Carters Furniture, we have a wide selection of stylish armchairs in the UK, including cuddle chairs, swivel chairs, accent chairs, and reclining chairs. If you have any questions or need help choosing the perfect armchair for your home, please call us today.

Why Choose an Armchair?

An armchair is designed to complement existing seating options in a sitting room or lounge. It can create more seating space, help build a focal point in the room, and contribute to a comfortable conversation area for you and your guests. More and more, however, people are choosing to furnish their sitting rooms with armchairs rather than sofas. This may be due to space or money constraints, but it could also be that having 2-3 armchairs creates a cosy vibe in a room, while still allowing people to retain their own space.

Different Types of Armchairs

At Carters Furniture, we offer a variety of different types, styles, and designs so you can find the perfect armchair for your needs. Our armchairs are available as cuddle chairs, swivel chairs, accent chairs, and reclining chairs.

  • Cuddle - A cuddle chair is an oversized armchair designed to be incredibly plush and comfortable. It is meant to get lost in while lounging comfortably, and is perfect for a movie night or conversation area.
  • Swivel - A swivel chair is a smaller armchair that swivels at the base. This can be very helpful to people with mobility issues, as it offers more flexibility and convenience for getting into and out of the chair.
  • Accent - An accent chair is typically a smaller, upright chair that takes up less space than a reclining chair or armchair. It is meant to complement the room’s overall decor while providing extra seating, but it generally isn’t as cozy or luxurious as lounging chairs.
  • Reclining - A reclining armchair provides a footstool that extends from the seat of the chair to provide enhanced relaxation and comfort. By simply pressing a button at the side of the reclining armchair, or pushing back against the backrest, a footstool extends.
    • Manual recliner - A manual armchair recliner is activated by gently pushing back against the backrest to extend the attached footstool.
    • Power/electric recliner - An electric armchair recliner is activated by pushing a button on one side of the armchair to automatically extend the attached footstool.

Leather Armchairs

A leather armchair is elegant, timeless, and can work with any décor. If you prefer the style and comfort of leather, and can commit to caring for it and maintaining the leather, you will have a conversation piece that lasts a lifetime. At Carters Furniture, we have leather armchairs in a variety of colours, styles, and sizes. Whether you want an armless leather chair, a Stressless leather recliner, or a large, cosy leather armchair, we have the perfect chair for you.

Fabric Armchairs

Fabric armchairs are classic, comforting, and versatile. They are easy to clean and maintain, resist tears and snags, and can be a part of your home décor for a lifetime. At Carters Furniture, we offer a wide selection of fabric armchairs that can work with any home’s existing décor. Our fabric armchairs are available in different styles, sizes, colours, and patterns, and you can choose between an armless accent chair, comfy lounge chair, a luxurious reclining chair, or an accessible swivel chair.

Finishing Touches

If you plan on furnishing the rest of your sitting room after picking out an armchair, we can help. At Carters Furniture, we offer furniture for every room of the home, including sitting rooms, lounge rooms, bedrooms, home offices, children’s rooms, and dining rooms. Once you have chosen an armchair, consider picking out some complementary furnishings, such as a sofa, side table, footstool, console table, bookshelf, or TV/media unit.

Questions About Armchairs in the UK? Contact us today!

If you have further questions about our selection of quality, affordable armchairs in the UK, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Just call us today, come into our furniture centre, or reach us via email, Twitter, or Facebook.