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25 products

Bedside tables and drawer nightstands

Bedside cabinets or bedside tables are functional pieces of furniture that also play an integral role in the design scheme of your bedroom. Whether you’re in search of a practical addition that offers you additional storage or a small surface to amplify your décor, Carters Furniture has an impressive selection of high-quality bedside furniture pieces to choose from.

The Purpose of Bedside Tables or Bedside Cabinets

Bedside furniture is ideal for storing smaller belongings that you may need while spending time in bed, such as a lamp for reading or a place to store your phone. It can also serve as a surface to store decorative or sentimental pieces such as vases or picture frames.

Bedside tables with drawers may also be used to hold clothing that is not typically hung in a wardrobe or closet, such as socks or underwear. Additionally, some people choose to add a bedside table simply for the design element, giving the bedroom a greater sense of symmetry.

Bedside Tables vs. Bedside Cabinets

Bedside tables and bedside cabinets serve a similar purpose, as they offer a convenient surface next to your bed for easy reach for your smaller necessities. However, there are several key differences that set these two functional pieces apart. A bedside cabinet is more compact than a bedside table, including drawers or doors that serve as storage space on a smaller scale than those you may find with bedside tables.

Bedside Table Styles

Bedside tables come in a vast array of styles to suit every individual taste. You can choose from high-gloss finishes for a modern aesthetic, wooden bedside tables for a traditional, rustic feel, and even painted bedside tables for a bolder appeal that combines the use of colour and shape for a unique flair.

Bedside Cabinets With Drawers

Depending on your needs, you can find a bedside cabinet with storage capabilities to fit your lifestyle. A three-drawer bedside cabinet offers ample storage, often used for keeping underwear, socks, and other smaller belongings. We also offer 2-drawer and single-drawer units for more compact storage.

If additional space is not a factor and you do not wish to compromise on style in the name of practicality, we also offer an array of simple, drawer-less bedside tables that can be seamlessly integrated into any bedroom.

Selecting the Right Bedside Table for You

Once you’ve determined whether you want a bedside table with or without storage space, the most important factor to consider is the height of your bed. While bedside tables may not appear drastically different in height, once they are placed next to your bed, they may fall too low or too high to use comfortably. We recommended measuring your bed in advance so you can match a well-fit bedside table with ease to avoid ill-fitting furniture and awkward proportions.

Completing Your Perfect Bedroom

Your bedroom is an extension of your personality. Therefore, it’s important to decorate and furnish it in a way that appeals to you. Cosy additions such as blanket chests or ottomans can bring warmth to your room, while a bedroom chair can be a nice feature if you have extra space. No matter your bedroom vision, Carters Furniture can bring it to life. Contact us today!