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7 products

Blanket Boxes & Ottomans

If you have extra space to fill, or you are looking for a decorative storage solution, ottomans or blanket boxes may be just the thing for you! At Carters Furniture, we offer a wide selection of premier ottomans and blanket boxes that offer elegance, storage, and aesthetic value to any home.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Your New Ottoman

There are three key considerations to make when choosing your new ottoman:

  • Dimension: Will it fit your space, such as complement the foot of your bed, or fit seamlessly below the window?
  • Storage Space: For more items, you will need a larger ottoman. How much extra storage are you looking to achieve?
  • Style: Does the blanket box you have in mind suit the furnishings and style of your room?

Using Your Blanket Box as Storage

Blanket boxes are versatile additions to any room of the home. They are multipurpose storage units that allow you to tuck away items such as blankets, pillows, or cushions. They may also be used to store your children’s toys in a stylish way that fits into your room without compromising the sophistication of the space.

Using Your Blanket Box for Style Enhancement

Many people purchase a blanket box solely for style enhancement purposes. Whether you’re looking for a fancy seating arrangement or a decorative piece to use as filler, a blanket box can take on many roles while offering beauty and timelessness to a room.

Different Styles to Choose From

There are many blanket box and ottoman styles to choose from in order to find a piece that fits with your existing décor and aesthetic. You have the choice between an array of fabric, leather, or painted blanket boxes to satisfy your needs.

Fabric blanket boxes and ottomans

Fabric blanket boxes or ottomans boast a cozy, soft feel that can be achieved through a variety of colours, patterns, and textures to satisfy any décor ideas. Fabric ottomans can be made from cotton, linen, or velvet, and can include fine details for added appeal, such as tufted or button features. Fabric ottomans are ideal for storage, but also the most comfortable choice for added seating.

Leather blanket boxes and ottomans

If you’re looking to incorporate sophistication and class into your room, a leather ottoman will do the trick. These often come in darker neutrals, but can also be found in contemporary styles and other colours. Leather is exceptionally low-maintenance, as it’s easy to clean, ensuring it remains looking beautiful for years to come.

Painted blanket boxes and ottomans

Colour fanatics love painted blanket boxes or ottomans, as they give any room a vibrant pop of colour, packed with personality. Painted styles come in a range of colour options and finishes to appease any unique taste.

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