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107 products

Enhance Your Living Room With a Corner Sofa

When it comes time to wind down after a long day, nothing is quite as satisfying as settling into a plush corner sofa. At Carters Furniture, we offer an impressive selection of leading brand-name corner sofas that amplify the aesthetic value, function, and comfort of any style of living room.

Fabric Corner Sofas

Whether you’re looking for a bold flair with a textured sofa, an easy-to-clean, family and pet-friendly material corner sofa, or a luxurious velvet corner sofa, Carters Furniture has a wide range of stunning fabric corner sofas to choose from. Fabric corner sofas offer a soft look and feel, bringing an air of cosiness and comfort to your living room without compromising the integrity of your living room’s style.

Leather Corner Sofas

Leather corner sofas offer a low-maintenance style while seamlessly blending with both modern and retro living room décor themes. These timeless additions bring class and elegance to any home while remaining easy to clean and comfortable. Furthermore, leather corner sofas are available in many colours to suit your unique vision!

Create Your Ideal Living Room With Carters Furniture

As the most used room in your home, your living room deserves the extra finishing touches to create a place you and your loved ones can enjoy for years to come. Combine your new fabric or leather corner sofa with a comfortable recliner sofa, or add personalised seating with a traditional single recliner. No matter your living room vision, Carters Furniture is here to make it happen.

Why You Need a Corner Sofa

Corner sofas are the perfect living room sofa arrangements. They offer one solid piece of furniture to comfortably accommodate the whole family without the need for purchasing multiple units. As a singular sofa, they offer more space savings than choosing to put two separate sofas in a room. Furthermore, many people enjoy the ability to section off their room or divide their corner sofa for a variety of looks.

Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Corner Sofa

Corner sofas come in two directions: right-hand facing or left-hand facing. This means one part of the sofa will be longer than the other. If you are facing the sofa and the shorter side is on the left, it is a left-hand corner sofa, and vice versa for the right.

Additionally, you will need to choose between a corner sofa or a corner chaise. A corner sofa looks like a traditional sofa with one side folded forward. A corner chaise also resembles a traditional sofa; however, the folded portion is a backless section with an extended cushion offering more room to spread out.

How to Properly Measure for a Corner Sofa

In order to avoid choosing a corner sofa that is too large or doesn’t fill your space nicely, here is the best way to measure for your new addition:

  • Measure all sides of the sofa to ensure it will not obstruct doorways or cupboards.
  • Take into account the radiators, skirting boards, and other permanent fixtures when measuring the walls.
  • If you’re planning for additional sofa arrangements, measure the remaining space to understand what will fit.
  • Double-check whether you need a right-to-left or left-to-right sofa and ensure your order is correct.