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Divan Beds and Divan Bed Sets

If you’re looking to merge practicality with comfort and aesthetic value, look no further than a divan bed from Carters Furniture. With a range of premier brands, including Harrison Spinks, Hypnos, and Vispring, our divan beds make the perfect addition to any bedroom of any size! Enhance the allure of your bedroom with a divan bed from Carters Furniture today!

Divan Bed Base

You can choose between two quality divan bases: platform top and sprung edge divans. Platform tops are a more economical option, with a wooden top that offers a firmer layer of support to your mattress, ideal for people looking for added relief.

A sprung-edge divan is a long-lasting option that has pocket springs or coils to help reduce deterioration over time, prolonging the longevity of the divan. Additionally, a divan bed may also come with a set of two or four drawers within the base.

Divan Bed vs. Divan Base

A divan bed is a base, with a mattress included as a set. In contrast, a divan base is simply the base that supports a mattress without the actual mattress. Buying a divan base is ideal for people who already own their preferred mattress or have a specific brand of mattress in mind.

The Practical Benefits of a Divan Bed

Whether you're running low on bedroom space or simply love the idea of extra room, divan beds are ideal for space savings. Unlike traditional bedframes, the mattress and divan are the same width and length, avoiding obstruction with their compact nature. Divans also offer drawers built into the bed for additional storage that keeps your space neat and organised.

The Aesthetic Benefits of a Divan Bed

Not only are divan beds practical, but they are also luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. Divan beds can suit an array of personal styles, as they come in a wide range of colours, textures, and fabrics. From glamorous velvet to warm neutrals for a soft earthy feel, and vibrant colours to cater to the bold, divan beds can suit any bedroom!

Divan Bed Sizing Options

We offer our divan beds in several sizes to accommodate our clients, such as:

  • Single bed: 90cm x 190cm in length
  • Double bed: 135cm x 190cm in length
  • King Size: 150cm x 200cm in length
  • Super King Size: 180cm x 200cm in length

Are Divans Noisy?

There is nothing more unsettling than a bed that creaks and cracks with every slight movement. Fortunately, our divan beds are some of the most silent beds that money can buy! Due to being equipped with fewer joints and movable parts than traditional wooden or metal bedsteads, a divan’s solid base offers quiet support.

Do Divans Come With Headboards?

In most cases, divans do not come with headboards and typically include just the base, or the base and mattress. However, you can add a headboard to your divan, as there are plenty of styles that seamlessly blend with our wide selection of divans.

Are Divans Easy to Put Together?

If low maintenance is your preference, a divan bed will be your best choice. These beds arrive in two halves, fully set with drawers inside. All you need to do is attach the feet of the divan or the wheels to each half of the bed and bring them together, securing them with the specialised locking clips. If you purchased a headboard, you may attach it during this stage.

Bring Your Room Together

Whether you purchased a divan base and need a luxury mattress to top it off with, or you invested in a divan bed set and are now looking for a headboard and complementary bedding to bring the look together, Carters Furniture offers a wide variety of bedroom essentials, from elegant furniture to decorative throws. Get in touch with us today!