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      6 products

      Dressing and Cheval Mirrors

      From beauty lovers to workforce personnel in search of an effective furniture piece to get their day started on the right track, cheval and dressing mirrors and tables combine aesthetic enhancement with practicality, giving your bedroom a makeover while providing you with a designated place to get ready in style.

      The Benefits of a Dressing Mirror

      A dressing mirror allows you to get ready for your day in a convenient location of your choosing, where you can achieve optimal light for the best results. When accompanied by a dressing table, you get the added advantage of additional storage space to hold your necessary beauty products. Additionally, you may even take it a step further and add a matching stool at the perfect height of the dressing table and mirror to bring the look together and experience optimal function.

      Factors to Consider When Buying a Dressing Mirror

      When perusing dressing mirrors to go with a dressing table or on your current surface at home, it’s important to consider three key factors:

      1. the size of your available space in the bedroom
      2. the style of your current bedroom and
      3. what kind of dressing mirror you need: storage or surface.

      Fortunately, no matter your requirements, we have options for you.

      The Practicality of Your Mirror

      We offer dressing mirrors with and without storage accommodations. If you’re going for a minimalist look and require only the space on the surface of the unit, a traditional dressing mirror will do the job and sit nicely in any area of your room.

      However, if you’re looking for added space to store your makeup, hair products, jewellery, and other belongings, consider adding a pedestal table along with one or more columns of drawers to your dressing mirror for added practicality and use.

      Do You Need a Dressing Table and Stool?

      You may buy a dressing mirror on its own, it’s highly recommended to add a stool. Having an area to sit comfortably in a seated position gives your hand a steadier grip while getting ready, while also providing an optimal view of what you are doing, as the stool is perfectly level with the matching mirror. A stool and table are often the pieces needed to experience your dressing mirror's true value.

      Create the Perfect Dressing Arrangement

      Now that you have your dressing mirror arrangement sorted, it’s time to consider how you can enhance your daily routine with strategic furniture choices that boost the appeal and style of your room while providing endless functionality. We recommend pairing your dressing mirror with a luxurious wardrobe for easy access to your clothing, making getting ready a breeze!

      Enhance Your Home With Carters Furniture

      Whether you’re more concerned about aesthetic value or practicality, Carters Furniture offers an expansive selection of high-end bedroom furniture to achieve your desired results. From divan beds and headboards to mattresses and pillows, we have all you need to create your perfect bedroom using only the best brands on the market. Contact us today for more information.