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      8 products

      Dressing Tables

      Carters Furniture offer an impressive selection of high-quality dressing tables, dressing mirrors, and stools to help our customers design the perfect vanity area or decorative surface for their homes. Browse online or in our Worcestershire showroom from top-of-the-line brands, such as Vida Living and Bentley Designs, to find the dressing table that speaks to you!

      Why You Need a Dressing Table

      You may need a dressing table for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re in search of a spot to make your own for your morning makeup and skincare routine, or if you have extra space that is throwing off the symmetry of your room, a dressing table makes an elegant fixture that blends seamlessly into any style of home.

      Dressing Table Styles

      At Carters Furniture, we offer a wide range of dressing tables to suit varying style preferences. Our wooden dressing tables include a selection of dark or light wood pieces with varying finishes. For a rustic essence, many customers choose our darker options, while contemporary enthusiasts love our Bentley Designs Montreux Urban Grey finishes.

      With or Without Drawers

      If your dressing table is going to be used as a vanity, you may want to opt for a style with drawers to store your makeup or hair products in a convenient location. In contrast, if your dressing table is going to be used as a decorative surface to fill excess space, there are style options without drawers for a minimalistic modern appeal.

      Storage Dressing Tables

      Some dressing tables mimic the appearance of console tables with shallow drawers placed in a straight row directly beneath the surface of the table. These are often preferred for storing makeup and small pieces of jewellery. These tables also boast a significant amount of legroom.

      Pedestal tables are another option. These dressing tables come with one or more columns of drawers. A single pedestal offers a single column of drawers on one side of the unit, while a double has a column of drawers on each side. Pedestal dressing tables also offer deeper storage space.

      Adding a Dressing Mirror

      If a dressing table is in your bedroom plans, a dressing mirror should be too! Adding a mirror completes the dressing table's full potential, enabling you to use it not only as a decorative storage space, but as a usable piece of furniture.

      Creating Your Dressing Space

      Once you've chosen your ideal dressing table and added a stunning mirror to accompany it, it’s time to find a dressing stool to pull the look together and enhance the function of your newest glamour addition. Dressing stools are uniquely designed to match the height and specifications of your table, making a comfortable fit.

      Building a Bedroom With Carters Furniture

      Your bedroom is your safe space, the place where you begin your day, and the place you recharge after the day is done. It should encompass all the vital components you need, such as a comfortable mattress for optimal sleep, a wardrobe to hold all your clothing, and a bedside table to store your smaller belongings. Get in touch with us today for more information on our products!