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Extending Dining Tables

If the time has come to redo your dining room or kitchen, Carters Furniture has just what you need with our fabulous range of extending dining tables. Whether you’re a frequent party thrower or an occasional holiday coordinator, our extending dining tables bring the convenience of space-savings on a regular basis and extended support when you need it!

What Is an Extending Dining Table?

An extending dining table is a seemingly normal-sized dining table that can be discreetly lengthened to accommodate additional guests or food placements. Without the extending feature engaged, these tables appear to be regular, fixed dining tables. However, once the extending mechanism is used, they create a longer surface without visible cracks and uneven spaces.

How Do Extending Dining Tables Work?

Extending dining tables function in several ways. There are certain extending dining tables that have a built-in extending mechanism that permits the table to pull apart with an additional piece hidden on the inside. Other extending dining tables must be manually opened to place the inner leaf to create a longer table.

Why Choose an Extending Dining Table?

Extending dining tables are ideal for people who do not wish to have a large table all the time. If you only need extra seating space for special events or holidays, you may want to go with a smaller table. However, if you don’t want to limit yourself, an extending table offers the best of both worlds.

Extending dining tables also come in varying styles to satisfy all homeowners. We offer many style options, colours, finishes, and seating options to seat anywhere from 4 to 10 people without sacrificing comfort.

Choosing the Right Shape for Your Extending Dining Table

When it comes to choosing the size for your extending table, you have options. Traditional square or rectangle extending dining tables are always a safe bet, seamlessly blending into most dining rooms. We find them to be especially appealing in long, narrow dining rooms.

On the other hand, round extending dining tables may suit your dining room needs. These tables also have the ability to amplify any dining room, but they are particularly nice additions in smaller dining areas or break nooks.

Wooden Extending Dining Tables

At Carters Furniture, we offer an impressive selection of wooden extending dining tables. These classic pieces come in styles such as oak, grey washed, and even two-tone to satisfy an array of style aspirations. Our wooden dining tables offer durability, longevity, and timeless beauty that is sure to bring value to your dining room or kitchen.

Complete the Look With Carters Furniture

Once you have a gorgeous dining table selected, your next task is to find equally beautiful seating. At Carters Furniture, we offer an array of dining chairs to accommodate your extending dining table. From matching sets to mix-and-match styles for the bold, Carters Furniture has everything you need to complete your dining room makeover.