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172 products

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Undoubtedly, G Plan has been one of the most iconic British furniture companies since 1953. They’ve constantly raised the bar when it comes to design and quality. Since opening their doors, they’ve had one goal: to create stunning sofas and chairs that provide unrivalled comfort and quality. This dedication allows them to prosper and grow each generation, establishing them as a household name. Carters Furniture proudly offers G Plan’s furniture in our Kidderminster and Worcestershire showrooms and online. We understand that each home has a unique style and believe your furniture should match. Visit our showroom to find your new armchair or sofa today. 

Discover the G Plan Brand

The G Plan brand can trace its routes back to Ebenezer Gomme in 1898, who started handcrafting beautiful furniture. 1953 the G Plan officially launched and started a post-war shockwave by selling sofas without matching armchairs. Since then, they have created some of the most iconic furniture of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Find Your New Sofa at Carters Furniture

Discover the comfort and elegance of G Plan L-shaped and standard sofas. A new G Plan sofa makes a statement in your living room. Each of their sofas is built to last a lifetime while remaining comfortable and supportive. Whether you’re looking for a leather or a fabric sofa, you cannot go wrong with G Plan. Take a look at the sofas we carry, including:

Relax in a G Plan Armchair

Look no further than G Plan if you’ve been looking for beautiful, ergonomically designed armchairs. As mentioned, their armchairs are created to maximise comfort while providing an older charm with modern features. Specific models include the ability to recline or power-assisted lift and rise chairs. Here is a small sample of the G Plan armchairs we carry, including:

Why Choose G Plan?

Each and every piece of G Plan furniture is handcrafted. Their highly skilled designers follow each piece from initial sketches to finished products while ensuring every detail meets their standards. Part of what makes G Plan an enduring brand is its dedication to the craft. They create furniture designed to live on and not just look great in a showroom. G Plan uses only the finest fabrics and leather from mills and tanneries worldwide. Every sofa or armchair produced is designed to remain comfortable and look stunning for years.

Step Into Our Showroom Today

Whether you’ve loved G Plan furniture for years or its your first introduction to this historic brand, you can rely on Carters Furniture to carry the best products possible. We have the largest G Plan studio in the area and proudly promote and champion G Plan’s products throughout our showroom. Our customers deserve the best, so we carry the best brands, like G Plan. Due to their fine British workmanship, you can plan for your G Plan furniture to look stunning and comfortable for years. We invite you to look at the G Plan furniture in our online store or plan a trip to one of our showrooms. We’re confident you’ll find the exact piece you’ve been missing.

We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions regarding G Plan furniture, including:

  • How Do I Keep My Leather Sofa and Armchairs Clean? – It’s recommended to dust your leather furniture at least once a week with a soft brush and wipe them with a damp cloth. This helps keep them pristine for years to come.
  • Where is G Plan Made? – Each and every product from G Plan is handcrafted and upholstered in the UK.
  • Why Is G Plan Furniture Perfect for Everyone? – G Plan is known for high-quality furniture that makes a bold statement. Each piece in their collection is comfortable while providing support perfect for every age.
  • How Do I Find the Right G Plan Piece for My Home? – Every piece from G Plan is unique, but there’s bound to be one that speaks to you. We recommend taking time to browse our online store and then taking a trip to our showroom so you can test the piece in question. While at our showroom, our knowledgeable staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have.