98 products

      98 products

      Fabric headboards, floating headboards, floor standing headboard and strutted headboards

      If you’re looking for a classy way to amplify the allure of your bedroom, a headboard may be just what you’re missing! Carters Furniture is here to fill the missing space for you by offering an array of high-quality headboards to suit varying styles and preferences.

      Why Choose a Headboard?

      Headboards play an instrumental role in tying your bed together, while also creating a focal point in your bedroom. With a range of colour choices, a headboard lets you style your bedroom, complementing your other furniture and décor. From bold velvets to neutral, earthy fabrics and beyond, headboards are the final missing piece to a completed bedroom.

      Upholstered Headboard

      There are several stunning upholstered headboards to choose, from depending on your unique preferences. Our headboard selection includes the following:

      • Buttoned: available in deep velvets, vibrant pastels, and polished neutrals
      • Padded: available in standard colours or rich velvets
      • Square: available in select colours, but popular in grey for a modern look
      • Arched: a traditional favourite, available in pastels, neutrals, and traditional patterns
      • Panelled: ideal for creating a bedroom centrepiece with bold colours

      Wood, Metal, and Faux Leather Headboards

      If upholstered headboards aren’t for you, you may choose from wood, metal, or faux leather instead. Wood headboards have rustic charm and are both low maintenance and versatile. Metal headboards are a timeless classic that come in a range of styles to suit any aesthetic need. Faux leather headboards add the perfect amount of sophistication and class to any room, and are easy to clean!

      How to Pick the Perfect Headboard

      Before you get your heart set on a headboard, consider the size of your bed and whether it’s compatible with a headboard. Typically, headboards are made for divan beds, which require compatible headboards. Therefore, step one in choosing which headboard works for your bedroom will be to determine the appropriate size and model for your bed.

      Styling Your Bedroom

      Here are some bedroom styling ideas to help you choose the most suitable headboard for your space.

      • Metal headboards suit classic contemporary-style divans, adding a traditional flair to your room.
      • Wooden headboards complement rustic furniture and décor for a rugged look, but can be used with soft furniture to add an earthly element.
      • Panelled or padded headboards add elegance to a glamorous room, as they are often made with bold colours and velvets to create a centrepiece.
      • Button headboards are versatile; they can be excellent for classic contemporary styles, but can also be used in pastel colours to create a modern pop of colour.
      • Square headboards without piping are best for simple-modern bedrooms where minimal meets luxury.

      Pull Your Bedroom Together

      Once you have your bed figured out, it’s time to start pulling the pieces together by matching chic furniture to your newest centrepiece. From luxurious wardrobes that make getting ready for the day more exciting to practical bedside tables and comfortable pops of colour with blanket boxes and ottomans, Carters Furniture has everything you need to enhance your bedroom. Get in touch with us today!