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178 products

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At Carters Furniture, we understand the living room and dining room are the heart of a home and with our collection of dining room and living room furniture, we offer a comprehensive range of pieces to compliment any style. From quality crafted dining tables and chairs that elevate your meals to luxury sofas and coffee table nests that redefine comfort and style, our branded furniture blends functionality with aesthetic appeal. Our contemporary designs in a range of premium materials are available to browse online or in our Furniture Store in Kidderminster, Worcestershire. 

Living Room Furniture in Kidderminster

Carters Furniture boasts an incredible selection of brand-name living room furniture sets that offer comfort, style, and performance. Our living room furniture includes a range of high-quality tables and storage solutions that bring vibrancy and function to your home, such as:

Dining Room Furniture in Kidderminster

Whether you’re keen on hosting dinner parties, want space for the whole family to dine, or if you simply want to find a tasteful solution to hold your crockery and other kitchen essentials, Carters Furniture offers a versatile selection of high-quality dining room furniture, such as:

Living or Dining Room Furniture Sets

Prior to purchasing your new living room or dining room furniture set, it is best to have a clear outline of what it is you need. We recommend mapping out your unique specifications and requirements in order to narrow down your search and achieve optimal results when purchasing your furniture. In order to do this, you must determine three crucial factors: size requirements, style choice, and lifestyle demands.

Determining Size Requirements

It’s essential to have an accurate understanding of how much space you have to work with in order to choose furniture that fits your home. We recommend taking measurements to secure an accurate outline of what will and will not work in your home. Additionally, it’s important to consider how many people you need to accommodate when purchasing chairs and seating, as bigger households require more furniture.

Choosing a Style

Perhaps the most anticipated part of decorating your home is determining a style scheme to follow. Whether your home is already partially decorated in a specific theme or you’re looking to find a theme that speaks to you, it is helpful to plan your style specifications out in advance to narrow down your search.

If you are unsure of which style you want to pursue, we recommend browsing our display of leading brand-name collections to pull inspiration from designers who engineer their furniture to satisfy the latest style trends. 

Lifestyle and Occupants

When determining sizes and styles, it’s essential to think about your lifestyle and the amenities you need to live comfortably. For some, this may include addressing how many chairs they may need when they host events at their home. For others, it may be mapping out appropriate table sizes to accommodate their hobbies. Furthermore, it’s important to consider any children that may use the furniture, as furniture with rounded edges or easy-to-clean fabric is best suited to avoid accidents.

The Different Styles of Living Room Furniture

Your living room furniture sets the tone of the room’s theme. For instance, if you’re opting for a natural, warm feel, oak furniture is perfect. In contrast, if you are hoping for a rustic element that promotes a textural, relaxing essence, dark wood living room furniture is best.

At Carters Furniture, we offer an expansive selection of living room furniture style options to suit modern to traditional tastes and everything in between. Whether you love bold, rich colours or gravitate toward earthy neutrals, we have something to suit your unique preferences.

The Different Styles of Dining Room Furniture

Your dining room should be a representation of your character. For a traditional feel, ornate details and rich wood offer the sophistication and elegance you need, whereas modern design enthusiasts may choose to furnish their dining room with minimalist pieces that boast sleek lines and cooler finishes.

At Carters Furniture, we pride ourselves on our style flexibility, offering styles that range from farmhouse chic with pale oak and soft colours to industrial, urban style with bolder materials, such as metal and dark wood, and everything in between.

Timeless Style at Carters Furniture

When you redesign your home, look no further than Carters Furniture. From high-end living room sets that organise your living space to elegant dining room sets that comfortably seat your guests, to cosy bedroom furniture and beyond, Carters Furniture has all the pieces you need to complete your home.