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      Optimal Comfort With Quality Pillows

      The quality of your pillows plays an instrumental role in achieving a good night’s sleep. When your pillow is not properly suited for your needs, you may wake up with aches or stiffness in your neck or back. Fortunately, Carters Furniture is here to help you avoid this discomfort by offering the most revolutionary pillows from some of the leading brands on the market. 

      The Benefits of Good Pillows

      The benefits of good pillows are numerous. A good pillow is directly linked to your sleep quality, helping you achieve comfort while providing you with the head and neck support your body needs, which prevents aches and pains. Your pillow also works to improve your posture by keeping you in a more natural position. Additionally, there are many hypoallergenic pillows on the market that can assist in curbing allergies that may keep you up at night as you sniffle, cough, or experience uncomfortable symptoms. 

      The Different Types of Pillows

      Similar to mattresses, there are many different types of pillows to suit varying sleep needs. The differing factors of a pillow include their filling and their firmness. Choosing the proper filling for your unique preferences can completely change the quality of your sleep, making it an important decision when it comes to designing your best sleep environment.

      Pillow Fillings

      Some of the pillow fillings you may find in our selection of high-quality pillows include the following:

      • Duck or goose down: Made from feather and down, these pillows are light and airy, offering an ultra-soft and supple feel.
      • Polyester and synthetic down: These pillows are a low-cost alternative to traditional animal-derived down with a soft to medium firmness level.
      • Memory foam: Memory foam contours to accommodate the shape of your shoulders, neck, and head, helping to distribute your weight for pressure relief and pain prevention.
      • Latex: Latex pillows are comfortable and soft with a firmer feel than down. They retain their shape longer than other pillows and are dust mite-resistant for hygienic sleep.
      • Wool: Wool pillows are ideal for individuals who struggle with regulating their body temperature, as they combat moisture, keep your body temperature at optimal levels, and offer a firm feel.
      • Alpaca: Featuring the impressive characteristics of a wool pillow, alpaca pillows are softer than wool.
      • Cotton: Cotton pillows are flat and firm pillows with hypoallergenic properties that also help regulate your body temperature.

      Pillow Firmness

      It is also important to pay close attention to the firmness of the pillow. There are several levels of firmness available, such as soft, medium, and firm pillows, as well as medium-soft and medium-firm that fall between firmness comfort grades. 

      Factors to Consider When Choosing Your New Pillow

      When determining which pillow is best for your needs, ask yourself the following questions:

      • What position do you sleep in?
      • Do you have allergies?
      • What is the tension of your mattress?

      Sleep Positions

      Your sleep position contributes to the type of pillow you need. There are three categories of sleep positions: back, side, and stomach sleepers, and each type calls for a different pillow. Back sleepers may benefit from a medium to firm, flat pillow that aids in keeping your neck and head aligned.

      Side sleepers typically need a firmer, thicker pillow. We recommend looking at pillows that are approximately as thick as the distance between your ear and outer shoulder to provide sufficient support that helps keep your neck and head well-aligned.

      If you are a stomach sleeper, a soft pillow may be your best bet. A soft, flat pillow will not elevate your head and result in neck pain; instead, it will align your body and keep you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.


      If you struggle with allergies, certain types of pillows may provide you with relief, while others may contribute to a flare-up in uncomfortable symptoms. Memory foam, cotton, wool, and alpaca pillows have hypoallergenic properties that help keep your allergies at bay.

      Mattress Tension

      A little-known secret that can offset the comfort of your pillow is your mattress tension. Your pillow firmness should contrast your mattress tension. If you have a soft mattress, a firm pillow will provide support for your head and neck, while a firm mattress is best paired with a softer pillow that adapts to your weight and offers the flexibility that your mattress does not.

      How to Care for Your New Pillows

      Proper care is necessary if you want to extend the longevity of your pillows. Here are some valuable tips for preserving the integrity of your pillows:

      • Fluff your pillows and shake them out daily to reshape them and eliminate any dust mites.
      • Wash your pillows weekly on a gentle cycle, carefully following their specific cleaning instructions.
      • Memory foam pillows do not need to be washed, but you may remove their covers for washing to enhance the hygiene of your sleep space.
      • Replace your pillows when they begin to lose their shape, comfort, and effectiveness, typically every two years.

      Achieve Your Best Sleep With Carters Furniture

      Sleep is a fundamental necessity that fuels our lives. Therefore, it’s important not to compromise when it comes to the vital factors that promote your best sleep, such as your pillows and mattress. At Carters Furniture’s Bed City stores, you will find all the essential components of your most comfortable bed. Browse our selection of exceptional divan beds, brand-name mattresses, and plush pillows, and experience your best sleep!