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      Round Dining Tables

      If you’re looking for a new dining table, think out of the box with a beautiful round dining table from Carters Furniture. From modern to classic styles, our round dining tables offer an unmatched flair that heightens the aesthetic value of your dining area with ease. Browse our fixed round dining tables and extending round dining tables to find your perfect fit.

      What Is a Round Dining Table?

      A round dining table is a dining table that is circular or oval in shape. Serving the same purpose as a traditional square or rectangle table, round dining tables up the ante when it comes to personalizing your dining room by offering a soft, customised look to your space without taking up excessive amounts of room.

      How Many Seats Are at a Round Dining Table?

      The seating capabilities of a round dining table will vary. Smaller round dining tables may sit two people and are ideal for breakfast nooks or smaller apartments. Standard round dining tables typically seat 4-6 people and can be used in a variety of rooms. Seating will depend entirely on the table you choose for your dining room.

      Why You Should Choose a Round Dining Table

      Round dining tables offer a retro feel with a modern twist, as they add a softer, inviting essence to your dining area. Due to the shape, these tables allow for easier conversations as you can sit facing each person at the table without having to lean over or turn your head. Round dining tables are often a prime choice for individuals looking for an unconventional dining option without compromising on function, practicality, or timeless style.

      Our Round Dining Table Size Options

      At Carters Furniture, we offer two types of round dining tables. We have fixed round dining tables that come in sizes suitable for 4-6 people that do not have the added feature of adjustable sizing. We also offer extending round tables that are perfect for occasional hosts looking for a round table that can expand to accommodate their guests.

      Round Dining Table Styles

      If you love the look of rustic kitchens, our round oak dining tables will be the best choice for you. If flexibility is a priority, with a look that seamlessly fits into any remodel you may pursue in the future, our solid Stressless Bordeaux round dining table may be what you need. If those don’t satisfy your needs, we have plenty of other stylish choices that will!

      The Benefits of a Round Dining Table

      One of the main benefits of round dining tables is their space-efficiency, as their soft angles enable them to fit snugly into a variety of spaces, from large rooms to small kitchens. They also offer a unique style that allows your dining room to stand out from others with a memorable appeal.

      Enhance Your Dining Area With Carters Furniture

      Now that you’ve chosen your exceptional round dining table, it’s time to continue the process of enhancing your dining area with Carters Furniture. Whether you’re going for a modern farmhouse look with wooden dining chairs or a trendy bar approach with classy bar stools, Carters Furniture has the furnishings you need to bring your dining room and kitchen dreams to life.