Bed Frames and Divan Beds Buying Guide

How to Know When It’s Time for a New Bed

Your bedframe takes a lot of strain, from sleeping on it every night to kids and dogs jumping on the bed. At some point, it’s going to wear out and you’ll need to replace it. If you wait too long, you might risk anything from a bad night’s sleep to a possible injury to you or a loved one. It’s best to watch for some of these telltale signs that your bed frame needs to be retired:

  • Despite replacing your mattress, you’re not getting proper support
  • The bed creaks or makes cringing noises when you move around in bed
  • The slats are broken or warped
  • There’s split wood in the frame, or the slats are cracked. This could cause your bed to cave in!
  • You feel sore or unrefreshed when you first wake up
  • Pieces of the frame are bent, broken, or missing
  • You’ve recently had a great night’s sleep in a different bed.

Types of Bed Frames

There are so many types of bed frames, and you need to pick the one that works for your situation. Here are a few of the options available:

Divan beds

A divan bed base is crafted from a wooden structure, covered in a layer of soft wadding, and then upholstered in fabric. The base is made to the same measurements as a mattress, making it more compact than a standard bed frame and creating a beautifully clean and minimalist aesthetic. This is one of the simplest bed designs, and they can be designed with pocket springs in the base or with a platform top. They sometimes come with a headboard and footboard attached. Unlike other bed frames, many divan beds have built in storage drawers integrated into the bed base as well, providing convenient under bed storage.


This is basically a bed frame, similar to a platform bed, but instead of having a solid platform to set the mattress on, it has a series of slats that support the mattress. This provides an added layer of comfort and support to your sleep as the slats adjust to your weight. They are also easier on your mattress, as they absorb any shock and pressure on your mattress as you get into bed or move around at night. They come in a variety of styles and materials and are generally more expensive than divan beds.

Storage beds 

As the name says, a storage bed is a frame that is designed to include built-in storage. Options range from simple platform beds with underbed drawers or baskets to captain's beds with a bookshelf and multiple drawers. These bed frames often have a slatted base like a bedstead, designed to support a mattress without a box spring.

Ottoman bed

A variation on the storage bed, an ottoman bed is a bed that includes an integrated storage system, lifting up the base through the use of hydraulics to reveal storage space underneath. Ottoman beds tend to provide more storage capacity than divan or drawer type storage beds since they use the entire space under the bed. Ottoman beds, even in single sizes, can be quite heavy and once they are assembled, they are very difficult to move in one piece. Whereas smaller, metal bed frames can be moved from room to room with reasonably little fuss, an ottoman bed will likely need to be disassembled to fit through the door frames in your home. The term "ottoman" is derived from its place of origin: the Ottoman Empire, a ruling power founded during the thirteenth century.

Sofa beds 

A sofa bed, sometimes referred to as a sleeper sofa, is essentially a couch that can be converted into a bed. These work well in a room that you won’t use for sleeping every day, and they’re easy to convert to a bed and back again to a couch.

Bunk beds 

These are double-decker beds. Some designs make both the upper and lower bed the same size, while others have a larger bed on the bottom. They’re perfect for kids, especially is you don’t have a lot of space in the room.

Slotted bed frame 

These come in basically two varieties. One has solid slats attached to the frame. These slats can be made of wood or metal, and they’re usually attached to the bed with screws. Another version uses slats made of plywood and the slats are arched upward slightly to make them more flexible. These slats act like springs and give the bed a more cushioned feel.

Trundle bed

This is usually a single-size bed with another bed underneath that can be pulled out to make a second bed for a guest. This is especially suited for kids’ sleepovers. Some of these beds have a spring mechanism that raises the second bed to the same height as the main bed, essentially turning the single bed into a king. 

Adjustable base-bed

This is a bed base that can be easily adjusted to accommodate different sleep preferences. Some of these beds have adjustable heights, adjustable elevations, massage capabilities, and other advanced features like wireless remotes, USB charging ports, and preset positions. They’re popular with consumers who like to sit up to read or watch TV, and some of the larger adjustable beds have dual controls so that one partner can lie flat while the other is in a sitting-up position.

Bed Frame Sizes

A big consideration in choosing a bed frame is the size. Bed frames come in a variety of standard sizes to match the various mattress sizes that are available. If you already have your mattress, the choice is easy. Obviously, you want the size of your bed to match the size of the bedroom, as well as who’s going to be using the bed. Smaller beds, like the small single are more appropriate for children or teenagers. Here are the standard sizes:

Small single- 75 x 190 cm / 29.5 x 74.8 inches

Single-90 x 190 cm / 35.4 x 74.8 inches

Small double-120 x 190 cm / 47.2 x 74.8 inches

Double 135 x 90 cm / 53.1 x 74.8 inches

King-150 x 200 cm / 59 x 78.7 inches

Super king-180 x 200 cm / 70.8 x 78.7 inches

Measure the Room

When choosing a bed size, you need to make sure that the bed will work but won’t dominate the room. If you plan to use a storage bed, make sure that the room is big enough so that the storage drawers can be pulled out from under the bed. Think about the height and bulk of the bed frame that you select. A taller bed frame won’t look right if you have low ceilings, and if you have to jump out of bed every morning, you could develop issues with your ankles, knees, and back. On the other hand, if your bed is too low, it might be difficult for you to get in and out of it, and you might develop back problems climbing out of bed every morning. The best height for your bed is one where your feet can lie flat on the floor when you’re sitting on the edge of the mattress.

Match your décor

Because bed frames a re available in so many styles, materials, and colors, it’s easy to match the rest of your home’s décor by choosing the right bed. A steel frame with straight lines will give your room a modern feel, while a wooden frame or an upholstered frame and headboard can give a more traditional look.

What Brand of Bed Should I Choose

For the best result, you should shop for your bed frame at a reputable dealer who carries a number of lines from different manufacturers. This will give you more options, and you can rely on the dealer to stand behind their products and offer great customer service. At Carters Bed City, we carry bed frames from a number of high quality manufacturers:

Vida Living 

This is an exciting and prestigious furniture design and manufacturing company, built on almost 35 years’ experience, with an international reputation as the go-to supplier of the best quality residential furniture, at excellent value.


This company, founded in 1920, offers products that are stylish, comfortable, and designed for function.

Harrison Spinks

With over 100 years’ experience in bed making, this company offers traditional craftsmanship with innovative technologies.


These award-winning makers of handcrafted beds have been making bespoke beds for over 100 years. These luxury designer beds can be found in the finest houses, yachts, palaces, and hotels and throughout the land.


Is a leading innovator including the latest advances in Gel and visco-elastic technologies, all designed to combine sublime levels of comfort, industry leading pressure relief and sleep surface temperature regulation.


This brand combines the best qualities in form and function, and this reflects why they maintain a renowned status as producing the best beds in the world.


They make luxurious and very stylish divans, mattresses, and headboards, perfect for the contemporary home.


The sleep team makes beds that are not only different but made with love, passion & care right here in Britain. We truly believe that whoever you are and however you sleep, you’ll sleep better on a Sealy.


They create a bespoke beds combine technical expertise with the finest natural ingredients. Vi-Spring beds combine technical prowess with a bespoke approach worthy of the finest tailoring. They are the product of a ceaseless quest for the ultimate in quality coupled with lasting respect for traditional workmanship


Here at Carters Furniture, we pride ourselves on the vast selection of furniture we offer, along with our outstanding customer service. Our highly trained staff can provide you with the right advice and information so that you can make the most of every furniture purchase. Because of the special relationships we have with our suppliers, we are able to source furniture from all over the globe, as well as products that are manufactured locally, and we can offer the lowest prices on all of the products we sell. In fact, we have a low price guarantee that states that we will match or beat any competitors price on identical products. We have 2 large showrooms full of the most stylish, practical, and high quality furniture and bedding, and our stores are open seven days a week to serve you.

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