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      20 products

      Clemence Richard Furniture at Carters Furniture

      Clemence Richard furniture is a highly-sought after, well-respected name in European-made furniture, and Carters Furniture is proud to partner with them, bringing elegant and sustainable pieces to our customers' homes. If environmentally sound furniture with stylish appeal and timeless design is in your home remodel plans, Clemence Richard is for you.

      A Modern Company for Modern Times

      Clemence Richard Furniture was established in 1992 as a European-owned and operated furniture company that designs and manufactures modern products using advanced design technology and leading materials. As a modern company with modern values, their mission is to create pieces that meet the demands of the fashion-forward consumer in the evolving market without compromising on comfort or durability.

      Leading Production Practices for Quality Results

      Clemence Richard furniture is manufactured in two state-of-the-art factories that employ upward of 300 skilled and knowledgeable designers and engineers. Each component of their furniture is fabricated in-house, including their full set of detailed dining chairs and more.

      At the Clemence Richard factories, all of their materials, prototypes and products go through robust and strict quality control procedures to ensure they exceed industry standards before being carefully loaded onto the company's fleet of vehicles for safe transportation to their next destination. This ensures that consumers can expect only the finest furniture when choosing Clemence Richard.

      Carefully Selected, Sustainable Materials

      Clemence Richard puts an emphasis on sustainability. Their products are made from premier timber sourced and obtained from certified sustainable and renewable forests. Furthermore, Clemence Richard saws, logs, and dries their own raw materials, taking complete control over their furniture design process, from sourcing the timber to designing their collections and manufacturing their products. 

      Timeless Timber Furniture

      As a company that prioritises superior quality, Clemence Richard furniture offers furniture made from solid wood, sourced sustainably and crafted into exceptional pieces. Each collection is engineered using advanced woodworking techniques, allowing the piece to be used to its full potential with unparalleled durability. Their elegant timber pieces can be used in modern homes or seamlessly blended into traditional aesthetics due to their versatility and range. Clemence Richard furniture is both timeless in stature, as they are highly durable, and in style, as they are designed to stay relevant despite the rapidly changing furniture market, making them the perfect addition to your home.

      Satisfying a Range of Unique Style Preferences

      Clemence Richard Furniture is designed with keen attention to detail, providing both style and functionality to satisfy aesthetic preferences and durability standards. Their furniture is crafted to be enjoyed for years to come and has been proven to withstand the test of time. It is the brand’s ultimate goal to provide customers with furniture that satisfies their style, whether it be contemporary or classic, without having to compromise on the longevity of their investments.

      Clemence Richard Bedroom Furniture

      Clemence Richard designs and manufactures an array of elegant wooden bedroom furniture to suit varying styles. Their bedroom furniture options include:

      Stylish Bedroom Design

      Clemence Richard's bedroom furniture can be used to amplify the style in classic or contemporary bedrooms. The sleek wood is crafted to deliver a beautiful appeal that can be used as a bright piece in a darker room or to keep the style of the room airy and light. Browse bedframes, mirrors, wardrobes and beyond to build your entire bedroom with Clemence Richard furniture.

      Clemence Richard Living and Dining Room Furniture

      Clemence Richard has a vast array of living or dining room additions that can seamlessly complement any aesthetic in your home. Their living room furniture includes:

      • TV units
      • Display cabinets
      • Bookcases
      • Coffee tables
      • Wall mirrors
      • Sideboards

      Elegant Living or Dining Room Design

      While you may have beautiful sofas or a vast corner sofa in your living room, nothing pulls a room together quite like the intricate details, such as an oak coffee table or classic sideboard. Clemence Richard offers all the fixings you need to create the luxurious and rich living room you desire, with an array of solid wood furnishings that add aesthetic value and extended durability to your home.

      Furthermore, they offer pieces that can revamp your dining room, transforming it into the perfect place to host family and friends over a good meal. Browse display cabinets that can display your fine China or sideboards that can hold your wine or décor for added aesthetic value.

      Clemence Richard Collections

      Clemence Richard offers several high-quality collections, such as:

      • Clemence Richard Moreno Oak
      • Clemence Richard Massive Oak
      • Clemence Richard Sorento Oak
      • Clemence Richard Lyon Oak
      • Clemence Richard Portofino Oak
      • Clemence Richard Forest Oak
      • Clemence Richard Tuscany Painted Oak

      The Benefits of Clemence Richard Premier Timber Furniture

      Clemence Richard’s high-quality, sustainable, and built-to-last furniture comes equipped with an array of undeniable benefits that make them a worthwhile investment for your home. Not only are their styles versatile and stylish today, but they are designed to remain relevant no matter the advancements we may see in home décor in the years to come.

      Furthermore, they are resilient. Using superior wood and woodworking practices, these timber furniture pieces are crafted to withstand the test of time, offering your home a long-lasting addition that will perform to industry standards for as long as you keep your piece. With a range of styles to choose from, you can’t go wrong with Clemence Richard.

      Carters Furniture: Your Destination for Wood Furniture

      When you decide that the everlasting appeal of wood furniture is best suited for your home, Carters Furniture is here to accommodate you. Carters Furniture is a leading UK furniture shop for industry-leading brands such as Clemence Richard, giving our customers access to the best furniture on the market so their home can reflect their unique personality and style without breaking the bank.