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Leather and fabric recliner sofas and armchairs

A reclining chair is the height of comfort. You have the space and freedom to lounge in comfort, independent of anyone else’s needs or constraints. While recliners used to be bulky, unattractive space hogs, modern reclining chairs are elegant, versatile, and comfortable without detracting from the overall style and ambience of your home.

Whether you want to contribute to the other seating options in your sitting room, or furnish a den or TV room that meets your own personal needs, a reclining chair is the perfect option. At Carters Furniture, we have a huge selection of quality, affordable reclining chairs in the UK that can complement any interior design.

Check out our wide selection, and call us today if you have any further questions about the size, shape, style, or fabric of our reclining chairs.

Why Choose a recliner sofa or recliner armchair?

A reclining chair gives you the best of both worlds - a comfortable place to lounge, and independence from others. The right type of reclining chair can seamlessly integrate into your existing home decor while providing added comfort and style. For people who have mobility issues, a reclining chair allows them to lounge without sacrificing their comfort or needs. Some reclining chairs can also be fully extended to a standing position, making them much more accessible for people who have trouble sitting down or standing up, or who have limited use of their legs.

Difference Between a Recliner Chair and a Recliner Sofa

A reclining chair is a wholly independent seating area meant for just one person to enjoy. A reclining sofa can seat 2-6 people, depending on size, but has different extendable footrests for each person.

Should You Choose an Electric or Manual Recliner?

Both electric and manual recliners offer the same level of convenience and comfort. The only difference is in how they are operated. A manual armchair recliner is activated by gently pushing back against the backrest to extend the attached footstool, while a power/electric recliner is activated by pushing a button on one side of the armchair to automatically extend the attached footstool. For people with limited strength or dexterity, a manual recliner will likely be easier to operate.

How Do Recliners Work?

Reclining chairs work by raising the front of the chair to allow a footrest to extend, while lowering the back of the chair to create the feeling of lying back while still retaining support for the neck, upper back, and lower back. Reclining chairs either use a built in motor or a manual mechanism that extends the user’s seating position. Some recliners allow you to cycle through more than one angle of recline, while others only offer one. Mobility recliners also have the added option of a rising function, which makes standing up much easier.

Stressless Recliners in the UK

A Stressless reclining chair is one that is specifically built to mould to your body and provide lumbar and neck support to allow for perfect spinal alignment. Stressless recliners contribute to a healthy spine and can reduce back pain, neck pain, muscle stress and strain, fatigue, stiffness, and mobility problems. Stressless chairs are the only chairs that are endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. Because Stressless recliners are ergonomic, they end up paying for themselves over time because you’ll reduce your risk of spinal problems and misalignments. At Carters Furniture, our Stressless recliners come in a wide range of colours, styles, and sizes.

Finishing Touches

After picking out the perfect reclining chair, you can find other sitting room furniture to complement your décor and enhance your comfort. At Carters Furniture, we have a wide selection of high quality, affordable home furnishings for every room, including dining rooms, sitting rooms, bedrooms, dens, children’s rooms, and home offices. Let us help you style your room by adding a sofa, footstools, console tables, side tables, coffee tables, or media/TV units.

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