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      Fixed Dining Tables

      When it comes time to spruce up your dining area, Carters Furniture is the leading destination for high-quality fixed dining tables. We offer an array of stylish and timeless fixed dining tables that can suit modern to classic styles. No matter your vision, at Carters Furniture, we can make it happen.

      What Is a Fixed Dining Table?

      A fixed dining table gets its name from its permanent nature. These tables are not adjustable in size and remain locked in at their manufactured width and length. Fixed dining tables come in many sizes and are designed to be long-standing features in your kitchen or dining room.

      How Many Can a Fixed Dining Table Seat?

      The beauty of fixed dining tables is that they are versatile. Fixed dining tables are not a one-size-fits-all approach. You may find fixed dining tables designed to comfortably fit two people for smaller dining areas, to standard-size tables that seat 4-6, and then large, fixed tables that are made to accommodate parties of 8-10 without feeling too close together.

      Why Choose a Fixed Dining Table?

      Fixed dining tables are ideal for people who do not want to deal with the hassle of manoeuvring an extension leaf on an extending dining table and who enjoy the convenience of having the exact size table they need whenever they need it. Fixed dining tables are also often used in smaller homes, as their compact sizing options permit them to be placed in more limited dining areas without taking away from the appeal of the room.

      Wooden Fixed Dining Tables

      At Carters Furniture, we offer luxurious oak fixed dining tables in several style options and colours, from darker wood to grey washes and light finishes. Oak is an exceptional fixed dining table material, as it is incredibly durable and long-lasting and can be incorporated into a range of style designs, from rustic-chic to modern-minimalism.

      The Benefits of a Fixed Dining Table

      Fixed dining tables are the focal point of your home. They are instrumental in creating a cosy gathering place for your loved ones to connect and share a meal while also serving as a reliable surface to use for crafts with the kids or to get some work done at home. These functional, aesthetically-rich furniture additions offer unparalleled value for years to come.

      Enhance Your Fixed Dining Table

      As your fixed dining table will never change in size, it’s the ideal fixture to enhance with decorative pieces. Add a pop of colour with gorgeous placemats that serve as protective additions as well as stylish statements, or show off your unique personality with a centrepiece such as a ceramic bowl or flower arrangement.

      Build Your Dream Dining Room or Kitchen

      Go the extra mile for the most frequented room in your home and complete your dining room or kitchen look by adding stunning dining chairs or trendy bar stools to your plans. At Carters Furniture, we have all the ingredients you need to craft a kitchen or dining room that provides memories and quality time with your loved ones.