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64 products

Fabric and leather footstools and pouffes

A footstool can enhance the comfort of your armchair, allowing you to put your feet up and rest after a long day at work. If you don’t like the look of reclining armchairs, adding a footstool to your sitting room will still make your seating arrangements cosy and ergonomic.

You can choose a footstool that complements the design of your sofa and armchairs, and contributes to the overall décor of the room. At Carters Furniture, we have a huge selection of quality, affordable footstools in the UK, and we can help you easily find one that adds to the ambience of your room.

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Why Choose a Footstool or Pouffe?

Rather than using the edge of your coffee table, or putting your dirty shoes on the sofa, a footstool or pouffe designates the appropriate place to put your feet. This extends the life of your other furniture, while enhancing your comfort. Putting your feet up on a footstool or pouffe actually has health benefits, as well.

Elevating your feet after a long day can improve circulation, reduce inflammation and swelling, and reduce fluid build-up in your tissues and joints. This means you’re less likely to have foot or leg pain, cramps, or stiffness. Plus, a footstool or pouffe makes it much easier to sit back, relax, and enjoy your favourite show or movie after a hard day’s work.

Difference Between a Footstool & Pouffe

A footstool is a type of footrest that is designed to look luxe, comfortable, and elegant. Footstools are available in a huge variety of materials, styles, colours, patterns, and designs, and create a designated place to put your feet up and rest while lounging. Footstools typically have legs, but some do not. Some footstools have a top that is hinged or can be fully removed, providing a hollow area for storage of blankets, magazines, or other accouterments. A pouffe is typically a large, plush cushion that is also used as a footrest or even an additional seating option. A pouffe is often less expensive than a footstool, but it depends on the size, style, and material of each.

Should You Choose a Leather or Fabric Footstool?

A leather footstool or pouffe is elegant and timeless, and dirt and dust can be easily wiped away. However, if you have pets, a leather footstool requires extra care to protect it from claws and teeth. A fabric footstool is versatile and easy to care for, and some have removable covers that can be washed and refreshed.

Benefits of a Footstool

Buying a footstool not only enhances your comfort, but offers other benefits as well:

  • Better support for the body and spine
  • Reduces inflammation, fluid buildup, and swelling
  • Reduces risk of spinal conditions
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces fatigue

Finishing Touches

Ready to pick out additional sitting room furniture to complement your footstool? At Carters Furniture, we have a huge selection of home furnishings for every room of your home, including your sitting room, bedroom, child’s room, den, dining room, and home office. If you need more furniture for your sitting room, just check out our selection of armchairs, sofas, reclining chairs, console tables, side tables, coffee tables, and more.

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