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181 products

Buoyant Upholstery at Carters Furniture

Discover Buoyant Upholstery at Carters Furniture. Buoyant Upholstery is built upon more than a century’s worth of industry knowledge, experience, and quality. Their commitment to excellence is conveyed in each unique design they create, never straying from the guiding principles that have awarded them great success: making the best products, offering outstanding service, and maintaining the keenest prices.

The History of Buoyant Upholstery

Established as a small, family-owned and operated business in Sandiacre, Nottingham, in 1909 by Ebeneezer Savage, Buoyant Upholstery has been deemed one of the leading British-made furniture companies. With a century of expertise under their belt, the company has grown exponentially, becoming a globally recognised brand renowned for their superior craftsmanship and elegant designs that offer longevity and a timeless flair.

Unrivaled Design Experts and Mindful Engineering

The brilliant minds behind Buoyant Upholstery’s stylish designs are comprised of a group of highly skilled and talented creatives with a passion for curating high-end furniture that combines beauty and class with functionality and practicality for the everyday consumer.

Buoyant Upholstery utilises advanced equipment, including in-house, state-of-the-art technology and modern machinery that safeguards the unwavering quality and resilience of their furniture pieces. Their production practices enable them to continuously deliver consistency, accuracy, and efficiency while maximizing production speed and minimizing waste.

Efficient Production

At Buoyant Upholstery, efficiency is key and leading through innovation remains at the forefront of their production. The company owns a 332,000-square-foot facility with over 700 dedicated employees in Nelson, Lancashire. Each product is thoughtfully curated using advanced machinery and the fine-tuned skill of each team member who devotes their industry expertise to the finest design of Buoyant Upholstery furniture.

Accreditations and Credentials

At Carters Furniture, we strive to give our customers only the best options; that’s why we partner with brands that hold themselves to the highest standards of sustainability, quality, and consistency, such as Buoyant Upholstery. Buoyant Upholstery is a member of the British Furniture Manufacturers Association (BFM), and they hold a FIRA Gold Installation certification. Furthermore, Buoyant Upholstery only sources their materials from FSC-certified resources, remaining true to their mission of delivering style in a functional and environmentally responsible manner.

Build Your Dream Living Room With Buoyant Upholstery

If modernising or revamping your living room is on your to-do list, Carters Furniture is here to accommodate you with our expansive range of Buoyant Upholstery living room furniture products that satisfy varying style preferences and size requirements. Browse Buoyant Upholstery’s sofas, chairs, corner sofas, and snuggler chairs to find the perfect additions to your home.

Buoyant Sofas

Buoyant Upholstery combines transitional and traditional in their sofa creations. Their collection offers rustic charm while seamlessly blending modern design to satisfy contemporary to traditional style preferences. From chunky styles that bring comfort and warmth to clean angular pieces that turn your home into a palace, Buoyant Upholstery offers something for everyone.

Buoyant Chairs

Buoyant Upholstery has the perfect statement piece you need to tie the look of your living room together with beautiful chairs. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of colour or simply need additional seating, Buoyant Upholstery has a range of stylish chairs to fit your needs. Browse armchairs, armless units, recliners, and beyond to find the exact chair that satisfies your living room needs.

Buoyant Corner Sofas

Buoyant Upholstery’s corner sofas are versatile additions that allow you to create a cosy, intimate space without compromising on aesthetic value. With corner sofas spanning right to left and vice versa, they offer an array of gorgeous products that fit seamlessly into any living room.

Furthermore, Buoyant Upholstery’s corner sofas can also double as an additional sleeping area, as the longer portion of the sofa can easily accommodate guests in a comfortable and spacious manner. Browse three- or four-seat corner sofas and even smaller versions to fit more limited spaces.

Buoyant Snuggle Chairs

If you’re keen on adding a touch of luxury to your living room, a snuggler chair by Buoyant Upholstery will do the trick. These large armchairs offer suitable space for one person to curl up comfortably after a long day. Buoyant Upholstery’s snuggler chairs come in a range of colours and designs to sit modern to traditional aesthetics with ease. A Buoyant Upholstery snuggler chair can also be used in other areas of your home to fill up open space, or in a bedroom to create a reading nook.

Sizing Options

Buoyant Upholstery designs furniture to accommodate many types of families and their unique needs. For larger families with more room to spare, Buoyant offers many elegant three- and four-seater style options, such as their traditional sofas or spacious corner sofas that allow your loved ones to sprawl out comfortably.

For smaller homes, or homes with fewer people to seat, Buoyant Upholstery has an expansive line of two-seater sofas and more compact corner sofas that provide you with the stylish look you want without taking up too much of your precious floor space. Furthermore, their single-seater armchairs, recliners, and snugglers can also be used to create a comfortable living room.

Timeless Fabric That Brings Style to Your Home

The expert designers and engineers at Buoyant Upholstery pay close attention to the fabric they use to design their industry-leading sofa selection. They believe in providing the ultimate comfort without infringing on quality and durability.

Unlike many other leading brands, Buoyant Upholstery does not offer leather sofas. However, we are certain that the excellent fabric options they provide will more than exceed your expectations. Browse smooth suedes, breathable linens, and many other premier material options that offer style, warmth, and elegance.

Bring Your Home to Life With Carters Furniture

Your home is your personal oasis, a place that reflects your unique personality and comforts you after a long day of work. Therefore, it’s essential to have the perfect furniture additions to experience the full effect of a comfortable and stylish home. Carters Furniture is here to help you make it happen by offering you only the best brands on the market to design your ideal home.