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195 products

Bentley Designs Furniture 

One of the leading suppliers of quality furniture in the UK and Ireland, we capture the very best of the latest market trends to create designs for better living.

We have many ranges of Bentley designs products in store , and welcome you to pay us a visit to see some of the excellent quality room settings. We are also adding more and more ranges to the website going forward, and as a Bentley Stockist we can order any of there ranges so if you don't see the range or the pieces you require just give us a ring for a quote.

The History of Bentley Designs

Bentley Designs has a rich history dating back to the 1980s. In 1988, founders James and Mark Watson used their passion for high-quality, durable furniture design to bring their vision of Bentley Designs to life. Combining style and function, Bentley Designs began as a bedroom furniture brand prior to gaining traction and expanding.

With the expansion of their reputation and an increase in demand, Bentley Designs evolved into one of the leading UK and Ireland-based companies for contemporary and traditional furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms, giving customers access to premier furniture that enhances their home and provides endless comfort.

Backed by Three Decades of Excellence

Today, Bentley Designs is one of the most trusted furniture brands, with products sold in retailers across the UK and Ireland. The brilliant minds behind Bentley Designs are known for their commitment to quality, attention to detail, and their vast range of styles that span from classic to modern to suit an array of unique tastes.

Style and Flexibility

Bentley Designs continues to grow and extend their product range, combining trendy styles with traditional signatures to offer their clients a range of options when it comes to planning the aesthetic details of their homes. Furthermore, with Bentley Designs, you are not limited by material, as they offer a variety of raw materials, including wood, glass, and metal, to satisfy any unique style.

A Strong Stance on Sustainability

Bentley Designs has an unwavering devotion to helping our planet by committing to sustainability, ethical production, and green practices that better our environment. Bentley Designs prioritises responsibly sourced materials, only partnering with suppliers who share their values of eco-friendly practices, such as PEFC-certified beech from Germany and American white oak lumber. Furthermore, the company conducts yearly audits to reassure their customers that their sustainable practices meet international guidelines.

Designing and Engineering Excellence

Bentley Designs is comprised of a highly skilled team of industry-leading designers and engineers who strive to create inspirational concepts that satisfy the ever-changing demands of customers. Bentley Designs’ manufacturing plant is equipped with state-of-the-art automated finishing lines and processing machinery, which guarantee quality and craftsmanship.

Living Room Furniture

One of Bentley Designs' most popular products is their living room furniture designs. They offer various sofas, armchairs, TV units, storage solutions, cabinets, and tables to satisfy a range of style preferences, room sizes, and material desires, such as leather, fabric, wood, and beyond.

From rustic chic with their Indus Rustic collection to their Bergen Grey washed line that piques the interests of modern minimalists, Bentley Designs has a unique furniture collection to accommodate traditional to bold tastes with timeless flair.

Dining Room Furniture

Whether you’re looking to entertain guests during your dinner parties or create a homey atmosphere to enjoy with your family, Bentley Designs dining room furniture is the ultimate place to start your dining room transition. From classic wooden dining tables with elegant matching chairs to modern glass-top tables with mix-and-match leather chairs for a fashion-forward look, Bentley Designs has it all.

Browse Bentley Designs dining room tables, available in varying shapes, colours, and styles, including extension dining tables and regular fitted tables. Next, pair your new table with a gorgeous and long-lasting dining room chair, such as a rustic oak velvet chair that brings a luxurious feel, or a classic oak upholstered chair for a traditional feel.  

Bedroom Furniture

Whether you’re in search of an opulent bed frame or a welcoming earthy piece to complete your bedroom, Bentley Designs has all the fixings for your dream bedroom. Browse beds, cabinets, chests of drawers, wardrobes, and beyond to find statement pieces that pull your room together with effortless style and comfort.

Bentley Designs' bedroom furniture ranges from high-gloss finishes for a glamorous look to understated pieces that blend seamlessly with your bedroom’s existing style. With Bentley Designs, creating a serene and aesthetically pleasing room has never been easier.

Home Office

With the increasing transition to remote work in recent years, a home office is more important than ever. Bentley Designs has you covered with a master-crafted line of home office furniture, including stylish and functional desks, chairs, bookcases, and more.

Bentley Designs home office furniture is designed to satisfy the demands of the modern workplace in the comfort of your own home. With varying styles, finishes, and furniture sizes, Bentley Designs has the perfect home office additions you need to work in a peaceful, practical and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Bentley Designs Collections

Bentley Designs has an expansive set of collections that appeal to modern to classic styles, offering clients the ability to choose durable and stylish furniture without compromise. These collections include:

  • Ashby Soft Grey or White
  • Bergen Grey Washed Oak or Oak
  • Chantilly
  • Copenhagen
  • Hampstead Two Tone or White
  • Indus
  • Montreux Grey Washed, Pale Oak, Soft Grey, Urban Grey, and Antique White

Wood, Fabric, Metal, and Beyond

Bentley Designs’ collections are well-rounded, as they include pieces made from a range of high-quality, sustainable, and ethically-sourced materials that meet ranging style preferences. Bentley Designs furniture includes styles made from oak, oak and metal combination pieces, painted furniture with high-gloss or neutral finishes, leather, and a range of upholstered fabrics that can add comfort, warmth, and a pop of colour depending on your vision!

Create Your Perfect Room With Carters Furniture

Carters Furniture is your one-stop shop for Bentley Designs furniture. Our partnership enables you to browse an impressive range of Bentley Designs products, including dining room, living room, bedroom, and home office furniture across all of their collections. With Carters Furniture, creating a home that reflects your personality and suits your comfort and functionality needs has never been easier.