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      Emma mattresses, pillows and mattress protectors

      Carters Furniture offers the latest in exceptional sleep enhancement technology with Emma mattresses. Choose from a range of mattress types and sleep technologies to find your solution to optimal sleep and comfort.

      The Available Range of Emma Mattresses

      Emma mattresses are designed to accommodate a variety of different sleepers. Emma mattresses come in three ranges, including:

      • Emma Smart Hybrid Mattress: Designed for added support with HRX foam and gel-infused foam for pressure relief.
      • Emma Helix Hybrid Mattress: Ideal for people who experience restlessness or get too hot in their sleep, the Helix airflow channels work to keep your body temperature regulated while the infinity zoning and fusion-helix technology add pressure relief and support.
      • Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress: Crafted to accommodate people who desire deeper, longer sleep, the diamond technology offers graphite coating to reduce excess heat.
      • Emma Diamond Spring-Free: Perfect for people who seek restorative sleep, due to its combination of supportive foam layers and heat-relief graphite.

      The Emma Mattress Difference

      Emma mattresses are engineered in Germany by the innovative sleep experts at Emma. These renowned mattresses reconceptualise sleep comfort by combining leading technologies and advanced materials. Emma mattresses are uniquely crafted to reduce common sleep problems, from overheating to restlessness and lack of support to everything in between. Experience your best sleep with an Emma mattress from Carters Furniture.

      Choosing the Right Comfort Level

      When it comes to choosing your ideal comfort level, the Emma mattress offers you two choices: firm or hybrid. The firm is engineered to offer enhanced body support through a slightly less malleable surface. A firm Emma mattress offers additional support and relief from aches and pains through its adaptable form layers and zoning.

      A hybrid Emma mattress is a medium firm design that combines the foam layers and zoning of a firm mattress with added pocket springs, making it an ideal choice for couples looking for a mattress with zero motion transfer.

      How to Unpack Your Emma Mattress

      You may be excited to get home and dive into your new bed; however, it’s essential to properly unpack the Emma mattress to ensure optimal us.

      • Remove the Emma mattress from its box and unroll it on a flat surface.
      • Gently remove the plastic using the tool provided to unwrap the Emma mattress.
      • Wait five hours before using the Emma mattress to allow it to take form.
      • Experience your best sleep!

      The “Emma Up” App

      If you’re looking to take your sleep experience on your new Emma mattress to the next level, the Emma Up app is the tool you need! The Emma Up app plays the role of your personal sleep coach, providing you with knowledge of your sleep patterns, creating personalised daily habit programs, and helping you achieve your best sleep.

      Finishing Touches

      Once you have your Emma mattress, all that is left to do is add the finishing touches to your bedroom to pull together the ultimate sleep environment. A calm environment that promotes optimal rest and relaxation contributes to your sleep quality.

      We recommend pairing your mattress with a luxurious bed frame, along with a quaint table beside the bed for easy-to-reach necessities. Contact us today for more information!